Writing Successfully for Business: Use Your Words

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Writing successfully unlocks the path to consistent profits.

The words you use, in writing or verbally, usually helps others form an opinion of you. When you are in business for yourself, your very business depends on your ability to learn how to write successfully.

Writing successfully is something every business owner, entrepreneur and business professional needs to do. It is an essential part of owning a business and one that most new business owners overlook. They don’t realize the way their written materials make them look and just how much business they lose because of their terrible writing. When it comes to business, it is always best to put your best effort into everything and that includes all written materials.

In today’s age, written information can be accessed anywhere. Almost everyone has a mobile device that can be used to look up anything. When business owners and entrepreneurs decide have written information available about them, their audience can make decisions from that written information. Poorly written articles and content often leads people to decide against spending money with that business. While business owners think that isn’t fair, it’s honest and something that is preventable. Instead of being content with terribly written content of any kind, business owners should learn to write successfully for their business or budget money to buy quality content.

How Writing Successfully Translates to Revolving Revenue

No matter what business you are in, you have written information. If you have a website, there’s a lot of written material. If you market, there is written material. When you speak to your customers via chat, you have written material. The better your written material is composed, the better your company will look.

Many business owners have lost business because they allow their company to be seen cursing, using improper language and their website is filled with grammatical errors. That is not seductive to anyone that wants to do business with you. Poorly written content will instantly tarnish your business reputation. Instead of helping your business grow, the poor language that’s used is screaming “unprofessional, inexperienced and ignorant” to your audience.

When people look online for information, they are trying to solve a problem or find someone to solve their problem. As they find great information, written well and solving the problem, they remember that business. If they need more information, they begin to look at that company as an industry leader and refer people to that company. Successfully written information and content turns readers into loyal audience members and eventually paying clients or customers. To keep these customers, clients and readers, business owners should keep delivering useful, well-written content.

Not only does well-written content boost your reputation as an industry leader, it boosts your professional reputation. Successfully written content is content that is instantly taken seriously. In the business world, anyone that doesn’t fit speak the language professionally is instantly seen as unprofessional. There aren’t any stockbrokers on Wall Street that grew a long client list with poorly worded reports, swear words and random rants about nothing important. There are some industries that need to create content with slang and nontraditional language choices but those are still successfully written.

Professionals in ANY INDUSTRY should use their writing skills in a way that instantly convinces others they are professional. If you are not a professional in your industry, why should anyone give you their money? What are you going to give them in return other than a headache? Being professional will lead to more referrals, larger sales and loyal clients and customers.

Every business owner must market. There is no way around it and there is no reason to dread it. Most marketing efforts consist of written materials. Although social media has taken over many marketing efforts for small business owners, there is no need to post terribly written content. Informal writing is great if that is the language used in that audience. Terribly written materials are not acceptable and will never bring revolving revenue to your company.

Writing Successfully is Easy and Painless

Considering how much money is at stake, business owners and entrepreneurs should start taking their writing efforts very seriously. Instead of ranting about how much you hate writing, you should know it can be done easily and in a timely fashion. With just a few steps, your writing can improve and more people will begin to take your company seriously.

Tip 1: Get to Know Your Market

All audiences are not receptive to formal writing. All audiences are not ready for a slang filled advertisement. Instead of writing content for yourself, business owners need to write content for their audience. That can’t happen until you know your audience. Who are you writing to?

  • Who are you selling your products, services and/or information to?
  • How do they communicate?
  • How can you reach them?

Those 3 questions can help you write better content for your audience and establish yourself. These questions will also help put you in direct contact with your target audience.

Tip 2: What Makes You Stand Out

Now is the time to put down the arrogance you have about your business and think realistically. What is it about your company that deserves the lion’s share of your audience’s money? Why should they spend their money with you?

Answering these questions will help any business owner understand what they are selling and hopefully help them become more passionate about their products, services and information.

Tip 3: Make Them Want to Read Your Content

When you create marketing materials or website content, make it attractive. Nobody pays attention to information that is boring and dull. If customers on the go can’t skim it, they file it away to read later. If it doesn’t stand out against the mountain of advertisements in their mailbox, they are going to trash it. You know what makes you stand out and you know how to reach them. Now is the time to make it attractive so they listen to what you have to say!

Tip 4: Proofread, Edit, Revise, Proofread Again, Now Send

Yes, your materials stand out. Yes, it’s the best you’ve ever created or bought. Now proofread it. After proofreading it, edit and revise it. Now give it a final proofreading. Send!

Yes, it’s that serious. Before you put your name and company’s reputation on the line, make sure it’s the best and only accept the best. When you put quality in front of your audience, you have a better chance of increasing your client reach and creating a source of revolving revenue.

Writing successfully can be time consuming but it’s worth it. Companies with professional reputations and quality information can create revenue streams larger than they ever imagined. Business owners and entrepreneurs that understand how writing successfully can help their business are further along the path to success than they thought.


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