Video Blogging May Work Wonders for Businesses

Most business owners are groaning at the idea of video blogging. They just got the hang of keeping their business blog updated. Now most are wondering why they have to look into video blogging as well.

video blogging
Video blogging success is the goal!

Video blogging or vlogging is a tool that many business owners are ignoring. They are ignoring it for many reasons and some of those reasons are invalid. When it comes to finding tools that will promote your business and increase your revenue, video blogging is one that should never be ignored.

What It Is and Why Care

It’s hard to care about each trend that seems to be ground shaking and perfect for business. There are just too many trends and not enough time to work and chase trends. While that is a great way to look at things, every business owner should stop and consider the impact of video blogging would have on their business.

Video blogging is very similar to blogging. Instead of writing the words you want people to read and understand, video blogging will have you making videos and posting to your blog. It’s simple in theory and for many people, it works much better. With video blogging, most people say it takes a bit of work to get started but it’s easier for them to do it rather than sit and type an entire article.

Every business owner should care about their revenue enough to consider video blogging for one reason alone. Videos are received and watched easier than reading a written article. That makes a huge difference for many people in business. If your audience is an audience that is more likely to watch a video than read a 2,000 word article, you may want to start recording and posting.

Times and Audience Outweighs Your Vanity

People today have changed and are very connected. Most people today know what they are looking for and want it with as little effort as possible when they get online. For those that cater to those markets, video blogging may serve your customers and potential customers much better.

When you think about people in today’s society, most people own a personal computer, a smart phone and another device connected to the internet. With that many devices, most people are used to having instant answers and are on the go because they are living life. With that mindset, videos may be the fastest way to get their attention and hold it. It’s much easier to watch a video about something that read a 1000 words on the way to work or school. With a video blog, you will even be able to reach those that have full schedules. Others may only be able to listen to your post while they are working on another project or traveling from home.

Your message to your audience is more important than any hesitations you may have about appearing in a series of videos. After thinking about your audience, you will know if video blogging will best benefit your audience and increase your revenue.

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