Top 5 Reasons People Cheat

Relationships are hard. Both people have to do things to make it work. When one person stops doing their part, it makes the relationship hard. When both parties aren’t doing their part, it makes the perfect breeding ground for cheating.

It’s easy to say that only men cheat or that women are better cheaters. The sad truth is that anyone with the opportunity and motive can cheat. Not everyone cheats but many do. When asked why, there are a number of stupid reasons given. Some are plain stupid while others are actually honest and telling. With so many reasons, there are some common themes among the reasons men and women cheat on their spouse or partner.

It Goes Both Ways- The Reasons for Cheating

Why waste time? Let’s get to the good stuff.

Sexually Unsatisfied

When there is something lacking in the bedroom, someone will eventually do something about it. Men and women in healthy relationships love having sex and are generally satisfied with one another. However, when something happens to throw their normally sexually balanced life out of order, the desire for sex does not go away. If a partner is not satisfied or wants something the partner does not want, it leaves the field open for some to cheat to get the satisfaction or sexual act they want. It is not about connection, love or affection. It is all about the sex.


Not everyone feels appreciated by his or her partner. They don’t feel like their partner is attracted to them or sees them as a value or source of support in the relationship. These feelings of not being valued are one of the biggest reasons people cheat. Cheating with someone that values them and makes them feel good is a seductive thing. It’s also one of the reasons people cheat and leave their partners.


In today’s world, getting revenge for a slight is normal. Thousands of women have admitted to cheating on their partner because they wanted revenge. Even men have admitted to doing the same. Maybe they cheated because they thought their partner was cheating. Maybe they stayed out with their friends too late one too many nights. The list of slights that lead to hurt, anger and revenge sex could be endless.

Boost of Self Confidence

The difference between validation and self-confidence is not very clear when it comes to matters of cheating. People that cheat for validation just want reassurance they are still sexually desirable. People that cheat to feed their self-confidence are battling issues that are not always a result of their partner’s actions. When someone that did not always get a lot of attention because of their weight suddenly loses weight, they sometimes get more attention than ever before. Because of that attention, they sometimes cheat and it makes them feel good. This is another reason for cheating that can ruin a relationship for good.

Lack of Intimacy

Of all the reasons for cheating, this is the most devastating one. People that cheat because they lack intimacy in their life find their relationships in terrible danger. After being with one person for so long, some people begin to take the feeling of closeness for granted. They begin to take their partner for granted. Because they don’t appreciate their partner as they used to or take the time to connect as they used to, the neglected partner begins to feel the loss. When that feeling of lost intimacy goes on for too long, it increases the chances of cheating. When this is the reason for cheating, it increases the chance of breaking up with no chance of reconcile.

Everyone is different. Every couple is different. There is no way to predict if a partner will cheat. To prevent the reasons for cheating from happening, people have to treat one another the way they want to be treated.

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