Tips for Success: Outsourcing Your Content Writing

These tips for success are crucial for your business. When you decided to outsource your content writing, you decided to take a huge gamble. Instead of losing, follow a few tips to win the content writing game!

tips for success in outsourcing article writing
When you are outsourcing your article writing, you should always look for tips for success.

Most articles with tips for success are filled with a lot of things you already know to do. This article may be another one but it needs to be said again. With so many businesses being born daily, most new business owners don’t know what they should do when it comes to content for their website. Instead of rolling eyes, it’s time for business owners to pay attention before they spend money they can’t afford to lose. Honestly speaking, these tips will save new and established business owners a lot of time, frustration and wasted money.

Yes, it’s still a great idea to outsource your content writing. There is nothing wrong with it and yes, it’s a widespread practice. I’m sure Sundar Pichai would LOVE to sit at his computer and write all the content Google needs but he doesn’t. He hires people for that and if you can afford it, you should too! Instead of wasting your budget, limited or ample, these tips for success will help you make the most of something that may be new for you.

Tips for Success: Take Your Time

You want your website content and you want it NOW! Yes, it’s a pain to sit and write post after post instead of focusing on what you do best. I get that. But if you want the best fit for your business, take your time to find a writer or content firm. I don’t care what others say: TAKE YOUR TIME!

All writers are not the same. There are different types of content writers and content creation firms and not all will deliver content that you are proud to have on your website, with your name attached. Instead of falling prey to quick typing and fast-talking writers that promises the world will stop with their content, take your time.

  • Ask questions about deadlines and turnaround times
  • Listen to their answers
  • Have a list of requirements

Just like you took your time in finding a way to get your website just right, you should take the time to find the writer that will flatter your business, your brand and your website.

Tips for Success: Look at Samples and Question Yourself

You are an expert in your field. You know your business and a writer should know their business just as well. When you are looking to outsource your content writing, you should look for someone that can provide samples of their writing. These samples can be a portfolio, links to guest posts they’ve done or their live blog. Read those articles and ask yourself if this is the person you want to work with! If you don’t like something, they don’t seem to understand what you need them to do, walk away.

There is nothing that says a meeting with a writer will result in an instant match. If you don’t like something, don’t hire them.

Tips for Success: Be Willing to Pay for Quality Content

I know you have a budget. Writers know you have other things to spend your money on. Everyone gets it but there is something you need to remember. Content writers are providing a professional service just as you are. Just like you want to be paid for your work, so do writers. It’s insulting to be told that after all the hard work that goes into content creation that it’s virtually worthless and you shouldn’t have to pay the agreed upon price. Do. Not. Do. That.

If you know you have a limited budget, plan for it. There is nothing wrong with asking prices for different kinds of content. There is nothing wrong with discussing what you can afford, what you want and asking for a package that fits that. If your budget is that limited, make sure you are aware of that budget and work within it. You will be surprised at how many writers are willing to work with you instead of firing you as a client for not being willing to pay what you agreed to.

The last of my tips for success on this is: Specialized writing can be expensive. If you are a neurosurgeon with a private practice and want a blog filled with specialized information, you should be willing to pay for that. If you don’t want a blog filled with unrelated or generic information, get ready to pay for it.

Tips for Success: Speak Up or Stay Content with Crappy Content

You may be surprised to learn that content writers are not mind-readers. We can’t look at an email or glean what you want from a short telephone conversation. That is not how this works. As a business owner and webmaster, get used to speaking up for what you want. When you have an expectation for your content, you need to let us know. There is nothing wrong or improper in correcting a mistake that you see in content YOU PAID for.

Just as you are a professional and want to keep your customers and clients happy, so do writers. That will not happen if we don’t know there is a problem in the service we are providing.

Tips for Success: Use a Contract and Specify Your Arrangement

The devil is in the details and a contract will deliver you from a moment of misery! It seems so petty to look for a contract with a writer but it’s something that many business owners should do. A contract with a writer will ensure you have a mutual understanding and agreement of expectations and behaviors. It can be a contract that states the amount of money to be paid, when it will be paid, the project details and a privacy policy/non-disclosure statement. It can be as detailed or generic as you want it to be.

A contract is not something that anyone should be afraid to use. If you are a legitimate business person, why wouldn’t you want to use a contract to protect yourself.

***PS: Read any contract you are presented before signing it.***

Tips for Success: Know the Difference Between PLR and Original Content

Novice webmasters and people that are new to hiring content writers don’t know the tricks of the trade. They don’t know there are many “writers” that buy bulk PLR articles and sell them individually as their own work. You may not know it’s a PLR article until a fan or customer emails you or comments that the EXACT same article can be found on another website and adds a link for you to view. It has happened and continues to happen. If that’s not what you want, you need to find a writer that specializes in original content, not PLR selling.

While there is no real penalty for duplicate content now, that can change because Google changes their rules and sets specific standards for webmasters. Those that have run afoul of those websites have been decimated and left wondering what happened for weeks.

There are plenty other tips for success but this list is more than enough. To have a successful website, you should have content you are proud to promote. You should have a website and blog that reflects the professionalism and excellence you want to be known for. Tips for success will help you get to the pinnacle if you open your mind and speak to the writers you are interviewing.


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