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5 Lies about Writing: Don’t Believe the Hype

There are so many lies about writing, most natural writers are afraid to admit it is their dream job. Instead of allowing those lies to scare you away, dig a little deeper and find that it’s not as hard to do as you may imagine. When people begin talking about their careers, there are a lot of lies told. For… Read more →

Writing for the Internet: Profitable Surprises

You should never dismiss writing for the internet. It’s a medium that is constantly expanding, leaving the path clear for profitable surprises. Every year businesses open by the thousands. Every year, businesses close by the thousands. Many business owners are surprised they have to close because they aren’t able to reach their audience in a way that translates to profits.… Read more →

Case Studies for Clients: An Easy Win

Freelance writers are always looking for a good market and case studies may be a great one. Case studies are simple in nature and easy to write. What makes these types of content great for freelance writers is the fact that they are used across multiple industries and in different niches. With something that is easy to write and used… Read more →