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Outsourcing Article Writing: The Boon Nobody Talks About

Almost everyone with a website has thought about outsourcing article writing. It is a thought that happens but not many are brave enough to try it. For many business owners, the fear of an unknown person having so much influence over their blog terrifies them. For those that do outsource their article writing responsibilities, it is a decision they do… Read more →

Writing Content is Like Balancing a Checkbook

Writing Content Requires Balance and Consistency Writing content is like balancing a checkbook. It is funny to think of writing like that but it is true. In order for a blog or website to be effective, writing has to be done regularly and with precision. There is no other way to bring a blog to life. Why a Checkbook? Anyone… Read more →

The Thoughts of a Client are Necessary for Great Copy

When it comes down to it, great copy will not happen without the help of the client. Most people think all they need is to find a great writer and all their copy worries are over. That’s not entirely true. Any experienced copywriter will tell their clients they need a bit of information so they can give them what they… Read more →

What Is the Point of Content Crasher?

Many things can be said about freelance writing. It is fun. It is time consuming. It can drive even the most dedicated writer to the bottle with no desire to return. That is almost what happened to me. I was overwhelmed, bored and ready for the next level. It came in with a bang. With all the emails I was… Read more →