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Article Marketing: Solving Simple a Problem

Article marketing is not dead. It needs help and for some reason, people are afraid to do a little work to solve these problems. Instead of abandoning a great marketing practice, let’s solve these problems.   Article marketing, good or bad, is the reason you have thousands of search engine results when you get online. The words you type into… Read more →

Writing Successfully for Business: Use Your Words

The words you use, in writing or verbally, usually helps others form an opinion of you. When you are in business for yourself, your very business depends on your ability to learn how to write successfully. Writing successfully is something every business owner, entrepreneur and business professional needs to do. It is an essential part of owning a business and… Read more →

Savvy Content Planning in a Snap

Content planning is not exciting. It can be downright boring and for people that don’t want to do it, content planning can take HOURS to do. To avoid those painful hours, take a deep breath and read on. Planning content for a website or multiple websites is a breeze with the right tools and tips. Webmasters and business people should… Read more →

What Is the Point of Content Crasher?

Many things can be said about freelance writing. It is fun. It is time consuming. It can drive even the most dedicated writer to the bottle with no desire to return. That is almost what happened to me. I was overwhelmed, bored and ready for the next level. It came in with a bang. With all the emails I was… Read more →