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Article Marketing: Solving Simple a Problem

Article marketing is not dead. It needs help and for some reason, people are afraid to do a little work to solve these problems. Instead of abandoning a great marketing practice, let’s solve these problems.   Article marketing, good or bad, is the reason you have thousands of search engine results when you get online. The words you type into… Read more →

Suck It Up Buttercup! 2 Ways to Get Content for a Website

Yes, there are ways to get content for a website without having to write a word! The next business step for most small business owners is to get a website. Many are surprised to learn getting content for a website can be harder to do than they thought. Many new webmasters think they can squeeze an article or 2 into… Read more →

Who Is Buying Blog Posts

More people are buying blog posts that you think! Buying blog posts isn’t something everyone does. It is not suitable for every webmaster. Those that do not need to buy their blog posts should not buy any. Continue to be productive and write every blog post personally. Those that need help should never ignore that need. Buy blog posts is… Read more →

Buying Content: A Hidden Power Unleashed

Buying content unleashes a wonderful website on the world and frees a shackled webmaster Some people do not know what to do with their blog. They do not know how to write content. They do not want to learn how to write the best content for their industry. Others write horrible content and refuse to stop. All these webmasters wonder… Read more →

Buying Blog Posts Serves a Purpose

What is the point of having a blog if nobody updates it? What is the purpose of a company website if there is no information being given to the audience? Why do businesses have websites if they are only going to rot in internet hell? There is no point in having a website if it’s only going to rot and… Read more →

Buying Blog Posts is Genius

Buying blog posts may seem like a silly idea to some but to a busy person, it’s an idea straight from Heaven. During the course of the day, business owners are busy. They have to monitor sales, advertising and marketing, hire, fire and talk to customers. There are always fires that need to be put out and other things that… Read more →

When to Buy Articles and When to Write Them

There comes a time that all business owners ask themselves when is the right time to buy articles. There are a lot of webmasters that feel conflicted about their need for fresh and well-written content and the urge to buy them. When webmasters think about their need for good content, they have to ask themselves if they are doing the… Read more →