Suck It Up Buttercup! 2 Ways to Get Content for a Website

Yes, there are ways to get content for a website without having to write a word!

The next business step for most small business owners is to get a website. Many are surprised to learn getting content for a website can be harder to do than they thought. Many new webmasters think they can squeeze an article or 2 into their already busy schedule. Others think they can throw $2 per article to someone and get a batch of quality articles that are ready to use. Yes, there are many people that think like that but most business owners that struggle with their content needs have realized they hate writing!

Yes, it is true. Many successful webmasters hate writing. They hate the idea of having to sit down and look at a blinking cursor, think of something to say and format it to fit the website. The idea of writing turns their stomach and makes them run from the computer. While that reaction is fine, it does not solve the problem of getting content for a website.

2 Ways to Get Great Content

When it is time to get content for a website, webmasters have different options. None of these options are completely free but they do not cost the Earth either. For webmasters that hate to write, none of these options involves writing an article from scratch either.

Option #1: Hire a Writer

This is the most expensive option listed. Yes, hiring a professional content writer can be expensive but it does NOT have to break the marketing budget. When business owners decide to hire a professional content writer, they need to know what they want when it comes to their content, a budget they can afford and a marketing plan. Content writers are able to write content customized for the website it will be going on.

Many business owners do not realize most content writers like having a regular income. Because they want a regular income, many are willing to accept a reasonable payment schedule for a set amount of content each month. It never hurts to ask!

Option #2: Buy Prewritten Content

Yes, great content for a website can come from a prewritten source. Business owners that do not like to write their own content and have a small budget for their content should take advantage of this option. The pros of buying prewritten content are:

  • Instant delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Minimal corrections needed

Business owners should remember webmasters and content writers are staking their name and reputation on the content they sell. Most business people want a good reputation and large client list. That will not happen if they are selling bad content.

It seems weird to buy prewritten content for a website to some but small business owners have to remember, buying content for a website online isn’t as weird as buying BBQ flavored worms to eat!

Most small business owners have a budget and think they can cut corners by finding free content online. Do not do it. Do NOT put PLR content on a website as is. PLR content is not content that should be used as content for a website because other people have used it. If it is free and easy to get, business owners should know and believe other business owners have downloaded and used it too! Yes, free is great in some instances, but not when it comes to content for a website.


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