Speak Up for Autism

Autism is an illness that affects more than 1 million people. Instead of hiding from the devastating issues resulting from it, it’s time to speak up for autism!

The battle for autism awareness should never stop!

Temple Grandin

Daryl Hannah

Dan Aykroyd

Toni Braxton

Holly Robinson Peete


Most people are surprised to find these celebrities have been diagnosed with autism or has a child with autism. Over the past several years, parents have become aware of autism and how it can drastically change the lives of their children. There are millions of successful adults that have come forward to express how their own lives were changed because they had autism and didn’t have the support they needed as a child. With the climbing awareness of autism, millions of parents are concerned and wonder if their child has autism.



There is no simple way to diagnose autism. Autism affects those that have it in many different ways. No doctor can see a patient in one day and give the diagnosis of autism. It’s something that is marked by a series of symptoms that millions of children experience. There are also other conditions that have the same or very similar characteristics of autism.


As children develop, parents should understand they will develop at their own pace. There isn’t an exact timetable for children to reach specific milestones but there are guidelines. Parents that are concerned with their child’s development should start communicating with their pediatricians as soon as possible. Just because a child doesn’t follow the same path their siblings or other children follow doesn’t mean they are autistic.


The Signs

Some parents may have cause for concern. There will be some parents that have to take their child in for further testing because they know there is something wrong. Those that have concerns should not hesitate to speak to a pediatrician or be convinced to ignore the signs.


Pediatric specialists have composed a list of behaviors and missing milestones that parents want to watch for.


  • No eye contact
  • No communication (either in sounds or words)
  • No emotions being shown
  • Not interested in pretend play
  • Movements and actions are repetitive
  • No response when speaking directly to them
  • Loss of learned skills
  • Sensory issues (unusual attachment to a certain food or smell)
  • Impaired motor skills

*there are other warning signs that can be attributed to early warning signs of autism


Take Action

A parent knows when something is not right with their child. Every child needs an advocate and that responsibility falls to the parents. When a child is not progressing as they should, parents have to pick up the cues and talk to a medical professional about their concerns. Those that do will often be thankful to find and answer and get their child the help they need. Never accept concerns being ignored or the wait and see approach.


Autism is not a death sentence for a child. Being diagnosed with autism doesn’t mean a child won’t have a chance at life. It just means adjustments need to be made and additional help given for them to adjust in the world around them. Autism is the beginning of a new path in life for parents and children.

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