Small Changes, Huge Impact: 3 Benefits for Making Small Changes

Making big changes at one time can lead to disaster. Small changes made over time will often lead to huge and more sustainable impacts.

As time goes on, changes need to be made for any business to continue to be successful. There is no way to avoid change in a business world full of change. What I have learned this week is that small changes lead to bigger and more sustainable impacts. I have learned there are benefits to changing as business needs change.

Changes can be made in different ways, large or small. People that like making big changes can handle the constant pressure of meeting very tight deadlines until their changes have been made. I am not one of those people. I have enough going on with producing content, reading, maintaining other things and websites. Small changes work better for me and I have learned there are 3 surprising benefits to making changes in small steps.

Benefits in Small Steps

The benefits of changing and making changes as business needs demand are too many to count. What I found surprising were the 3 benefits I experienced while making my small changes.

Small Change Benefit #1: Flexibility

There are only 24 hours in a day and I can only do so much. I learned I was overwhelming myself with having to meet tight deadlines when I was setting huge goals to accomplish. That no longer works for me. I need to make small changes because I can be more productive. Being busy is easy; being productive comes when I have a flexible schedule and goals.

Small Change Benefit #2: An Avalanche Effect

Those small changes add up to huge changes over time. I am surprised at how much closer I’ve gotten to my ultimate goal by breaking things into smaller pieces. For me to stay on top of posting content, creating new content (that hasn’t been released yet), making changes to the site and managing private clients, I HAD to break things down into little pieces. The small chores I have been doing have added up into a huge wave of changes and productivity.

Small Change Benefit #3: Enjoyment

If one is constantly busy, how can they have time to enjoy the results of their labor? I was not seeing what I was doing so I did not enjoy the results as much as I should have. Now that I have broken things down into small chucks, I can get things done and love what I have done.

Everyone is different and changes as they get more experience in life. One thing I have learned about myself is that I am no longer a person that enjoys or works well with big changes all at once. I am a person that works better with small changes. I am able to make the changes that I need, be productive and actually enjoy what I have done in the week. Small changes are better for me and I know there is something to be said about small changes being better for anyone else.

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