Refund Policy

I hate to talk about refunds and someone not being happy with the content they purchase from Content Crasher but we all know there will be someone that wants to know about it JUST IN CASE. Well, here is the official position on refunds and unhappy customers.


Content Crasher produces content that is prewritten to fit any blog. Content that is marked and sold as original is not sold to anyone else nor is it seen by anyone else. Because of the sensitivity and nature of the business, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


Yes, all sales are final because when content has been seen, there is nothing telling US that it hasn’t been used so we CAN’T resell it. By not offering refunds, we are able to keep our promise to our customers by providing original content to those that want and need it.


All sales are final but if you are seriously dissatisfied with the content you have purchased reach out to me at If you aren’t happy, let me know why and maybe we can make it right.