The Reality of Blogging for Profit

People that want to start blogging for profit should know the truth. They should know that it takes time and hard work to be successful blogging for profit. It looks fabulous on sitcoms and reality stars make it seem like a cakewalk sometimes. Do not believe the hype. It is much harder than it looks.

Most people want to start blogging for profit as a way to become an entrepreneur. It is a great idea and for those that are willing to do the work, the paydays are huge. Successful bloggers endure a lot on their way to success and big paydays. They enjoy what they do and love the money they get but they are honest about their success. Those that asked are happy to tell others that blogging for profit is not for the lazy.

The Ugly Truth

Many people decide to try blogging for profit because they see it as an easy choice. Some think they can spend their days doing what they want, spend an hour writing post that will become viral and their bank accounts will see a huge surge of money. That is a beautiful dream. It is a dream that kills most bloggers in their tracks within less than 4 months of trying. That dream is a set up for failure.

Hundreds of people fail after trying to blog for profit for 2 reasons. These reasons are common and anyone can fall victim. The only reason others are successful when so many fail is they learn from their mistakes and keep going. Blogging for profit is not for the lazy and faint of heart.

Fatal Mistake #1: Unrealistic Expectations

People that expect instant success, lots of money and immediate popularity should readjust their thinking now. Do not start blogging before rethinking those expectations. Blogging for profit will bring those results to those that work their fingers to the bone to get them.

Bloggers that are popular, successful and profitable work hard. They ensure interact with their audience, post consistently and add relevant content to their websites. They talk to their sponsors, affiliate-marketing partners and look for the most profitable outlets that will allow them to continue doing what they love. Blogging for profit almost seems like a 24/7 job for those that are actually serious about doing it.

Fatal Mistake #2: Giving Up

When those unrealistic expectations do not happen, many people are happy to give up. They do not want to pursue their new passion anymore. That is why people with unrealistic expectations do not find success 98% of the time.

When the desire to give up happens, take a step back and ask why it’s there. People should question where their desire to give up comes from and address those issues.

Bad feedback? Research why the feedback was given and make adjustments

No traffic? Figure out marketing strategies to bring traffic to the site

No profits? Research the niche/industry and find better monetization strategies

If blogging for profit is what people seriously want to do, they will make the commitment and do it. They will work their fingers off and make sure their blog is the best blog online in their niche. Blogging for profit may not be easy but it is worth the effort and time.

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