A Note from Ms. Kim

Hey ya’ll!

I hope you all have enjoyed the topics I’ve blogged about so far. I wanted to drop y’all a note to let you know about the things going on with Content Crasher and what’s next.


I created this marketplace as a safe place to buy content when you don’t have time to write it yourself (or you can’t afford a content writer yet). As you know, once you buy it, it’s your’s to do with as you please (provided you read and agree to the terms and conditions). I started this site determined to help as many people as I could and I feel that I have succeeded. In order to help more people, I need to switch gears for a while. Here is what’s going to happen:

  1. I will update the blog once per week with a new article. I am sure it’s going to be more in the professional than the portfolio for a while. I will update from time to time though.
  2. I will post at the end of the week about the new additions to the shop each week. I will do that as a blog post so more people will be aware of the changes and what’s available for sale.


I thought these 2 changes were necessary so I could concentrate on getting more topics and categories into the shop. It’s great having a handful but I know there is so much more to be explored. Instead of fussing with the obvious, it’s just time to jump to it.


I hope you all keep reading each week and dropping lines about the topics you would like to see in the shop. I’ll keep working to get you what you need to be a successful business owner and webmaster.


Talk you y’all later.



Ms. Kim

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