Make it RSS(able) Stupid!

Creating a RSS feed for a website is one of the oldest and simplest tricks in the book. Many people and business owners still rely on their RSS feeds to get information about their favorite websites and stay abreast of information. Most business owners do not understand the power of their RSS feed until they realize people still use them!

In simple terms, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. These feeds track a person’s favorite websites and keeps them updated. RSS feeds allow people to get updates that social media does not publish. While social media gives updates on events and other things, a RSS feed gives titles of website articles and links. This is very important for people that only want specific information and do not like the information overload social media sometimes delivers.

The Benefits of a Live RSS Feed

A website is no good if people cannot get to it. Many people do not like social media and only want to know about articles. When people are not able to get that information automatically, they forget about that business as a resource. Having an RSS feed is not a lost thing. It may be the only thing that keeps loyal viewers and buyers coming to a website.

Benefit #1: Delivers the Latest Updates ONLY

Some people just want to get the information they need. An RSS feed will deliver only the updates. That makes readers very happy because some may not have the time to go through all the social media posts to find what they are looking for. If updates are all they want, give them the option to get what they need.

Benefit #2: Don’t Waste Their Time

When it comes down to it, people don’t have time to waste. A website with an RSS feed will save people time because people are notified as soon as an update to their favorite website or an important website is made.

Benefit #3: Gives the Readers a CHOICE

Some webmasters lose readers by the day because they try to force them into unwanted newsletters and mailing lists. Most RSS feeds are easy to sign up for and do not have these attachments and conditions. An RSS feed will allow people to keep current on a website without having their mailboxes filled with what they do not want.

Benefit #4: Nothing Unwanted

A RSS feed will only deliver what the subscriber wants, the updates. That is all.

Benefit #5: No Spam

The definition of spam is subjective and a busy person will say spam is stuff they did not sign up for. When people look into their inboxes and see a person constantly emailing them about random items, they are likely to mark it as spam or delete it before reading.

Benefit #6: Easy to Leave

When a person wants to leave the list, it is very simple. There are no follow up questions, no reasons to share. Anyone that wants to stop getting updates can unsubscribe easily.

Benefit #7: Great Marketing Tool

When you write quality content and give readers an option to get only what they want, they are very happy. There is no better way to market!

Using a RSS feed may seem old-fashioned but the benefits outweigh the dated terms!

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