How This Works

It seems a little strange to see content available for sale without having to find a writer to haggle with. Content Crasher is here to give webmasters, business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers the content they need to keep their website going as fast as they can download.


There is a variety of content available on this site. There are tier 1 original articles, UAW sets, PLR, eBooks and free stuff available for anyone that needs it. After reading through the descriptions and previewing the article, those that need it can buy it immediately and have it delivered within minutes of purchase.


Most people are worried about buying duplicate content because everybody knows content is KING! That’s something that Content Crasher takes care of for our customers. Any article designed to be original will remain that way. There will only be ONE available for purchase and when it’s gone, it’s gone! Things that are given away for free may be given away multiple times or it could be an original piece to be used. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Those that want to use PLR, feel free to buy, download and do what you want with it.


To make things simple, we’ll explain what to do. Go into our shop, look around and find what you need. Put what you need into the basket, buy and download it. Enjoy your content and come back as you need more.


You need content, we write content. You need it now so buy it now. We write so you can succeed.