Great Uses for Written Content

Written Content is Not Wasted Website Real Estate

Do not underestimate the power of written content! So many website and business owners forget the power written words have in life. When most people hear written content, they think of long and complicated blog posts. Those posts are not the only kind of written content people read. Written content can be:

  • Comments on articles/blog posts
  • Forum responses
  • Advice to people on social media
  • Questions asked on forums

There are many kinds of written content and it is that are extremely powerful.

The Uses of Written Content

Traffic is the blood of any website. Websites die without traffic and that is not what business owners want. They want to get people to their website to increase their selling pool, increasing their income. What many business owners forget is that written content anywhere helps the battle for traffic and great search engine results.

Written content is content that is written. That’s it. It is not limited to content written on a website owned by that business. If it is written and a link to that website or business owner is attached or embedded, traffic can trickle back to that website.

As simple as it seems, it’s true. Written content is powerful when placed in the right places. Content has always been useful but written content almost never dies!

Articles and Blog Posts

This is the most common kind of written content. It can be placed on a website to give readers information, entertain them or to solve a problem. What many have forgotten is that articles and blog posts can be submitted to directories to bring traffic and links back to a business’s website.

Link Up with Power Players

There is always going to be a bigger fish in the pond. Instead of attacking them, shout them out with a compliment or something. Written content with links to big players in any niche is bound to be noticed by that person or company. It is noticed because the big fish have reputations to maintain and they want to know who is saying something about them. Many small fish have been launched into huge successes because of a comment with a link.

Comments and Advice are Encouraged

Forums are great! There is a forum for everything and everything has a forum. Not only are they great places to get advice, they are even better places to give advice and talk about stuff! Smart business owners and webmasters go to their target audience and answer some of their questions with genuine and helpful advice FREELY. What makes this written content the best is because it will be seen over and over again, increasing a business’s reputation as an industry leader.

United Under Several Meta Tags Unapologetically

Meta tags are what search engines love to read. These tags can increase the amount of traffic a website gets because of the tags used. Many business owners decide to ignore these tags because they do not understand the power they hold. After they learn of their mistake, they do not make it again. These tags may be small but they are powerful.

Written content is not just about articles and blogs. Written content can be used in a number of places to bring traffic to a website and increase the reputation of a company. Instead of ignoring alternative content, business owners should look for new ways to use written content.

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