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get your website noticed
Get your website noticed with a few simple tricks.

Yes, you must work to get your website noticed. Thousands of websites are created and hosted daily. All those websites are competing to be noticed by their audience. Don’t let your website to get lost. Follow a few steps to get your website noticed.

You have put a lot of work and thought into your website. Money and time have already been invested into your website so you should WANT to do things that will get your website noticed by as many people possible. Millions of people want to be noticed online, not just you, so let’s get to it. There are a few steps that you should do to get noticed.

Tip ONE! Keep It Professional

I don’t care what your website is about. It should be professional in design, presentation and content. When people go online, they are expecting to be able to browse a website without being embarrassed and your website should be where they want to browse.

In today’s world, people are constantly on the go and are browsing the internet from their mobile devices. Please make sure your website is viewable on different mobile devices. You must admit it’s an important thing to be able to shop while you are riding the subway or read something funny while on your way to an event that you don’t want to be.

Tip TWO! List and link it EVERYWHERE

If you do not list your website in every search engine possible, how do you expect to get your website noticed? I have yet to find a search engine fairy lurking on my desk, waiting for me to create a new website so they can magically input the information. Yes, you should list your website in search engine directories. That is one of the first things you should be doing to get your website noticed.

When you list your website in search engine directories, you are inviting their little bots to crawl all over the content and framework of your website. Those bots are memorizing everything and when they feel someone is looking for something you offer on your site, your website will appear in the search engine results. As you update your website with new content, your website will be crawled again and all the current information will be indexed as well. Think of it as a merry-go-round of information that gives you better chances of being found in search engine results via keywords.

Additional Tip TWO!  🙂

Another great tip for getting your website noticed is to put your websites everywhere. Add a link to your email signature and business cards. Add a link to your website to your stationary and return addresses if you want the world to see it. When you respond and comment to online content or create online profiles, link your website to it and don’t be shy about it. All those clicks that come from these simple things get your website noticed by search engines. It flags your website as popular and more important than other websites. If your website is flagged as popular, your website is brought up more frequently in the search engine results.

Please be sure to avoid being a jerk and spamming other websites with your links. There is nothing more irritating to a webmaster than their comments being filled with the links of a completely irrelevant or gimmicky website. No, I won’t allow those comments to be published. Yes, I do delete them and roll my eyes at the author. If you have something relevant to say or a related post or product on your site leave your link with your comment. Just do not be a jerk about it.

Tip THREE! Advertise Outside the Internet

You may not realize it but there are actual people that see and act on things they see outside the internet. When you are out running errands, there is nothing wrong with handing out business cards or wearing a company tee-shirt. Another terrific way to get your website noticed outside the internet is to create a great press release to send to magazines and newspapers. This gets the attention of your target audience that isn’t consistently online. It seems odd to do in a digital world but it’s a great way to get your website noticed by the millions that still enjoy traditional reading materials.

Tip FOUR! Interact and Build Relationships

No, I don’t mean whore yourself out to readers for likes and readership! I mean respond to comments and get to know your audience. When you build a reputation for responding and interacting with your audience, more people are attracted to you. This is an almost immediate way to get your website noticed because it’s all happening in real time. People that want to talk to you will go to your website and respond to you. And how hard is this to do with so many social media platforms? Get connected and interact with your people!

There are many different things you can do to get your website noticed. These tips are the most common ways to get it done without much effort. Instead of focusing on expensive things to get your website noticed, start small. Let the momentum carry you to the first page of the search engine results.


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