What to Do to Get the Perfect Title

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Getting the perfect title means a lot when writing online. Some people struggle while others do it naturally. To help those that struggle, here’s a list of stuff to do to get it right without being embarrassed.

The idea of writing seems so romantic. After getting comfortable, the struggle for some begins when trying to come up with the perfect title. When the title doesn’t come together, most novice writers don’t know how to move forward. For the writers that write their articles before the titles, a bad title is like a missing cherry from a sundae. For a writer, the title is important because it’s what will bring the attention to their masterpiece.

When it comes to online writing, the title of an article is very important. The perfect title will do more than bring attention to an article. A great article will:

  • Bring search engines to the site with keywords
  • Describe what the article is about
  • Seduce the audience into clicking the link and reading it

A writer will know they have the perfect title when it does all those things.

It’s Not Luck, It’s a Skill

Online writing is much different than traditional writing. It’s something that requires a different way of thinking when it comes to attracting the audience. With so many people online, having the perfect title will attract the attention of the audience and search engines. With this attention, writers will be able to deliver the information they want and start to build their audience. Building an audience is what online writing is all about. The better the articles are and the more attention titles get, the better the writer’s work will be ranked in search engines. These rankings often determine how much a writer makes and that is important to every writer.

While it’s fun to play with article titles, there are some things that just should not be played with. Finding the perfect title isn’t a guess or luck. It takes skill and an eye to get it just right and ready for publishing.

Don’t Leave the Keywords Out

Everyone that uses the internet has a reason for doing it. People are either looking for information, trying to solve a problem or looking for entertainment. In either of those situations, keywords are typed in to get the information they want. The perfect title will have the best ranking keywords for their niche, leading to more organic traffic to their website.

Tell the Truth, Lies Will Ruin It

There is nothing as irritating as reading a great headline only to find that it was a misleading headline. For quite some time, online writers did this to inflate their search engine rankings and increase their profits. After causing an uproar, changes have been made and many of those online writers lost everything they were making and the opportunity to make more. In the end, the perfect title will tell the truth about the topic of the article.

Not only will telling the truth about an article keep a writer in business, it will help them establish authority in their industry as well as an audience. Writers write to be read, not ignored. Telling the truth in title is a small price to pay for getting the audience they want.

A Great Title Screams and Shouts from the Screen

The perfect title will always grab attention. These titles are intriguing. They are exciting. They are exactly what the audience is looking for. When an article is perfectly titled, it’s hard to pass by.

The Tiny Pitfalls to Avoid

It’s exciting for a writer to find the perfect title. When it happens, it’s almost magical! Don’t ruin the magical moment by:

  • Adding/Deleting keywords
  • Ignoring keyword optimization
  • Ignoring the length of the title

Being a writer is an exhausting career. There is nothing more satisfying than writing a great piece and finding the perfect title. With the right title and great article, a writer will gain a strong and loyal audience as well as increase their income potential. It’s hard to think all this can come from the perfect title, but writers know it’s the first thing that brings big business to their door.

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