Get a Hobby Mommy!

If you don’t want to become the lunatic mom everyone talks really badly about, get a hobby and get on with the business of living.

hobby mommy
Kids are not the new “it” hobby mommy.

Getting a hobby should be one of the first things that mommies should get. No, the baby and kids are not hobbies. They are the source of endless laughter and creators of wonderful memories but they are not hobbies. No, the housework is not a hobby. Depending on how many rooms are in the house and how much housework has to be done, housework can be a chore and a headache. Every mommy on the planet should have a hobby they can do for themselves and with other like-minded people. Mommies that don’t have a hobby may lose themselves in being a mommy and that is unacceptable.


A hobby is something based on what each woman and what THEY love. It’s not something that has to be centered on the kids, their spouse or partner or anything remotely understandable by another person. As long as it doesn’t put anyone in danger or cause anyone to go to jail (or do anything remotely illegal), a hobby should put a smile on mommy’s face. That hobby will ultimately put a smile of the face of mommy’s kids and family.


Why Should She?

When mommy has a hobby, she has time to herself. There is no denying that being a mother is something that can be all consuming and exhausting. The endless list of things to do, things to find and fix and worry about is enough to drive a woman to the apple juice with no glass! Having a hobby has definite and almost immediate benefits for her and the family.


Benefit 1: Stress Reliever


When a woman has a hobby, she tends to forget her worries for a moment. She is able to focus on something that she loves to do. Being a kid wrangling, spill cleaning, play date arranging woman can be stressful. It’s consuming and can leave anyone exhausted. That’s not healthy nor does it make for a nice person. Everyone needs some stress relief and a hobby provides that.


Benefit 2: Separates Mommy from Woman


As women become mommies, they tend to forget about themselves. It’s an easy thing to do and many women do it with no complaints or hesitations. Although it’s easy to do, it’s not healthy. A mommy is a woman too and a woman with other needs. There is nothing wrong with continuing to grow as a woman while having a child. A hobby will help a woman see herself as a whole, a woman and a mommy.


Benefit 3: Makes a Better Mommy


A mommy that has time away from her kids and all the responsibilities that’s involved with child rearing is a happy mommy. It’s okay. There is nothing wrong with admitting mommies need breaks too. Having a hobby will allow a woman to pursue things that she loves without distraction. When she is able to take time to herself, she can step back into her role as a mother feeling refreshed and with a different perspective.


There are many things a woman can do. Some mommies enjoy reading, quilting, running, biking or working out. These things have become their hobbies and very important to them. A great hobby is a hobby that allows a woman to relax and return to motherhood refreshed and relaxed. A hobby having mommy is a happy mommy.

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