What we do and what we sell is transparent but there will always be questions. We don’t want anyone to buy if they have questions so we have answered the most common questions we’ve received so far.

Who owns the content?

Content Crasher owns the content until it’s bought. Once it’s bought, we no longer own it.


What can I do with it?

Once it’s purchased, the new owner can do whatever they want with it.


How soon can I expect a change in my rankings in the search engines?

The rankings of a website in search engines aren’t the responsibility of Content Crasher. A single article wouldn’t have a significant effect on search engine rankings. To improve the rankings of any website, webmasters would have to have a plan and execute it.


Can I edit the content purchased?

Once it’s purchased, the owner of the content can do whatever they want with it.


Do I have to give Content Crasher credit for writing the content?



Does Content Crasher make edits to content bought from their site?

No. Once it’s bought, the chore of editing belongs to the owner. All content is written with care and expertise but it’s not customized to fit any particular business. The responsibility that Content Crasher has is to ensure that the content written is well written, informative/entertaining and meets basic reading scales (and SEO guidelines if keywords are used).


Does Content Crasher take orders for customized content to be written?



What if I don’t need the content?

Once the content is purchased, it belongs to the purchaser. File it and use it at a time that it is useful.


How often is content updated and available for sale?

We post new content to be sold more than 4 times per week. There will be times that content is posted multiple times per day.


Can I request that all content with certain keywords or in a specific topic be held for me to purchase?

No. We do NOT hold material for individuals to purchase. We use a first come first serve policy.


Can I request certain keywords be used and topics to be written?

Yes. If there is not a niche not yet written about, please drop us a line using our Contact Us form! We are constantly writing about many things and will do our best to accommodate those that reach out to us.


What if I buy the content and resell it?

That is the right of the owner of the content. Once it’s bought from us, we no longer own those rights.


How do I know what’s original and what’s PLR?

All the content on the site is clearly labeled for our customers.


Is the content written by native English speakers?



What if I want a refund?

We don’t normally issue refunds for our content. Once the content has been viewed or in the possession of the customer, it can be used, invalidating our promise of ORIGINAL content to someone else that purchases the refunded material. We provide a snippet of the content for review as well use a detailed product description to prevent that from happening. If there is a problem with the content, our customers are welcome to reach out to use at admin@contentcrasher.com to discuss the problem and find a solution.


I can’t find a customized, in depth article for my site. What should I do?

Content Crasher doesn’t offer in depth articles for every niche and topic. If what our customers are looking for isn’t available, we encourage them to use our Contact Us form to give us a suggestion but we won’t fulfill a custom order for content. If that is what is necessary, it’s time for that customer to find a dedicated writer for their business.