Don’t Just Blog: Find Your Blogging Purpose

Everyone that blogs have not figured out their blogging purpose. To find success in a saturated market, it is best to find your blogging purpose and follow it!

blogging purpose
Having a blogging purpose makes blogging much easier.

The internet changed the world and the way people discover new things. For millions of people, blogging became a way to connect with and explore other cultures. With a tool as powerful as the internet, personal blogging was a natural choice for millions of people. With so many personal blogs soaking the internet, those that want to break into the blogging industry have a hard time. Many don’t realize the most important thing they do for their blog is done offline. The most important thing any new blogger can do is define their blogging purpose.

Simply put, a blogging purpose is the purpose of a blog. Every blogger has a reason for writing and that purpose should be clearly defined before starting on this journey. Millions of people have started blogs without a purpose and don’t really see the success they dreamed of. They do not reach the goals they set for themselves for many different reasons. Most of those reasons come from not knowing why they are blogging and what they are supposed to do with their blog.

Definition is Key: Define, Blog and Enjoy

When a blogger starts their journey, they have so many goals in mind. Many have dreamed of success like Carrie from Sex in the City. They dream of having their personal life documented and fans from across the world emulating them. When that doesn’t happen, most feel defeated and more than a little disappointed. All those terrible feelings can be avoided if they define their blogging purpose early and follow that purpose.

A vanity blog is not going to make anyone famous. A vanity blog is simply a blog about one’s life and geared towards a market that has been oversaturated. Most people that begin a vanity blog find their audience is very limited. If they wanted to make money from their vanity blog, they will be hugely disappointed. Unless you are already famous, a documentary about your life is not of interest to most people outside your circle of family and friends.

Your blogging purpose is very important. The reason you are blogging will help you find:

  • Your target audience
  • The right voice to use
  • Inspiration in other content

These are all things that will lead to blogging success, small or large. Not only will finding a blogging purpose help with getting your blog noticed, it can also lead to financial success. If you are blogging to earn money, you have to have a target audience and a message to give. Without those things, financial success is almost impossible.

Blogging Purpose + Consistency = Blogging Success

Every successful blogger online today will admit it took time to grow their empire. There are very few bloggers that started and met with immediate success online. Bloggers like Pat Flynn will tell you that it takes a combination of purpose and consistency to find success online.

As a blogger, one of the hardest things to do is to keep blogging when it seems nobody is ready. That is why a blogging purpose is very important. Through all the dry days of blogging, you will find that your blogging purpose will give you:

  1. The passion you need to keep going because you believe in what you are saying.
  2. The desire to keep learning about your topic and spreading the news of what you heard to everyone.
  3. A reason to keep blogging and talking about what you are doing.

When you don’t have a blogging purpose, you will not have the motivation you need to keep going through the tough times.

There are many reasons people have to start blogging. From documentary reasons to wanting to be discovered. No matter what type of blog it is, the key to success in this industry is blogging purpose. Without a purpose, you won’t have the drive to do it consistently. Without a blogging purpose, you won’t work your craft and your craft certainly won’t work for you.

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