Content Planning for Success

Content planning is the process most business owners do not want to hear about. They do not want to think about planning all the articles they need for their blog posts. They certainly do not want to think about all the time they have to spend WRITING those articles. Instead, most business owners want to spend their time doing what they love and loving their days. To get business owners back to what they do best, a few quick tips to content planning is what they need.

A plan of action for content is all content planning is. It is the process of writing down what content needs to be written and posted on what days. During this process, business owners also have to plan the day they are going to write the content. Either write it or buy it, it all needs to be in the content plan!

Quick Tips for Planning Success

When it comes to content planning, it is not hard to do. A few questions answered, a calendar, pen or computer and business owners are on their way to success. Before getting started, business owners should ask themselves:

  1. How often will content be published on the blog?
  2. Who is going to write and publish the content?
  3. Are their keywords involved?
  4. How long will the articles/posts be?

All these questions have a purpose in the content planning process.

  • How often content will be posted tells business owners how many articles they need to write. If content is to be posted every day, they need to create a plan to write or buy an article for each day of the week.
  • Business owners that are writing and publishing their own content need to schedule time to do it. This is NOT a project that can be squeezed between meetings. This is something that requires concentration. If business owners are going to buy their content, they need to take some time to find a writer, arrange for their content needs to be met and a delivery. Once they have the content, it has to be published.
  • All keywords used are directly related to #2.
  • The length of these articles will determine how much time is put into writing them (see #2). If business owners don’t have time to write 2,000 word posts but want to publish one, they need to plan for it.

Easy and Functional Tips for Success

With the right tools and questions, it is time to start content planning!

  • Use a calendar that will be seen daily, weekly and monthly. Schedule a day that content will be written, ordered, published and scheduled. If there are multiple days, that is fine. It just has to be done.
  • Schedule a time to update the marketing strategy to reflect the content published.
  • Write down the topics/ keywords to be used in each article. It is not necessary to create outlines of the articles but it is important to leave a list of what will be written or bought on content creation day!

That is it. That is how to have a successful content planning session. The only thing left to do is actually create the content. Once that content is created, take the time to schedule another content planning session.

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