Content Planning is Necessary for Everyone

After a long week and a disappointing 48 hours, I would call my resounding failure a success!

I know it sounds strange but it’s true. I purposely did something that would result in failure and I was right. I decided to wing this week of my blog and I failed. Slowly my engagement died and I faded into obscurity. I did it to see if what I’d heard was correct. I wanted to know what would happen to a blog without blog plan.

For those that don’t know, a blog plan is a plan for one’s blog. It details the posts that will happen for the next month. Many of these plans are different for everyone but there is a purpose to every planner. Without a blog plan, many webmasters, bloggers and business owners would be lost. I was lost and I am a writer!

The Insane Reason

I hate writing about the need for something if I have not 100% experienced the struggle. I am passionate about helping other webmasters and business owners keep their website filled with relatable content. Content Crasher was created to give people a place to buy quality content when they do not have the time or skill to write their content. Content Crasher was created to give everyone with a budget a place to buy content. Now I realize it is also a place for people to turn to when they do not have a blog plan!

I needed to know this was a website that’s useful for anyone in need of content. I needed to know that anyone with the thought of a blog has a resource for their content in all stages. That is what Content Crasher is for. My experiment has made a believer out of me!

The Results

I normally use a blog plan for my posts. I take it week by week, prewrite my content and schedule it. I think it gives my readers an update in time and it is available for them when they are ready to read it. This week, I didn’t do that. I just wrote blogs when I had time and when I thought about it. Anyone with a life knows how well THAT plan works out.

I found that I didn’t post when my readers were online and missed huge goals as to readers. I found that I didn’t have time to review my content as much as I normally do before I post. I found that I couldn’t live in the moment I was in because I was rushing to finish so I could post for the day. Overall, not having a blog plan SUCKED and I would not recommend anyone to try this.

My Conclusion Based on Experience

To everyone that has a blog, use a blog plan. A well-written blog plan will have post ideas and titles for the weeks, months and year. It will have engagement goals, met and expected. A great blog plan will be easy to read and understand. It’s different for everyone but a blog plan is a plan that will bring successes in all forms.


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