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These articles and content pieces are all pieces that have been written about random things. I know it’s hard to trust a writer you’ve never worked with before. These pieces will help you get a feel for the things you can expect to buy from Content Crasher.

Speak Up for Autism

Autism is an illness that affects more than 1 million people. Instead of hiding from the devastating issues resulting from it, it’s time to speak up for autism! Temple Grandin Daryl Hannah Dan Aykroyd Toni Braxton Holly Robinson Peete   Most people are surprised to find these celebrities have been diagnosed with autism or has a child with autism. Over… Read more →

Get a Hobby Mommy!

If you don’t want to become the lunatic mom everyone talks really badly about, get a hobby and get on with the business of living. Getting a hobby should be one of the first things that mommies should get. No, the baby and kids are not hobbies. They are the source of endless laughter and creators of wonderful memories but… Read more →

Top 5 Reasons People Cheat

Relationships are hard. Both people have to do things to make it work. When one person stops doing their part, it makes the relationship hard. When both parties aren’t doing their part, it makes the perfect breeding ground for cheating. It’s easy to say that only men cheat or that women are better cheaters. The sad truth is that anyone… Read more →

Repairing Credit with Simple Steps

Life happens and anyone’s credit can suffer. Millions of people were devastated by the most recent economic downturn and have seen their once perfect credit scores crash. It’s a horrifying thing to hear of but when one experiences it, the results are almost traumatic. When people experience this, they want to repair their credit as soon as they can. Repairing… Read more →