Case Studies for Clients: An Easy Win

Freelance writers are always looking for a good market and case studies may be a great one. Case studies are simple in nature and easy to write. What makes these types of content great for freelance writers is the fact that they are used across multiple industries and in different niches. With something that is easy to write and used virtually everywhere, it’s a dream come true for writers.

Case studies are not difficult to understand and write. Most case studies are descriptive stories that tell of a problem, a theory or solution and the results of using that theory or solution. For most companies, it is the story of a well-satisfied customer. With that in mind, many freelance writers are able to write these studies without a lot of effort.

Not only are case studies easy to write, they are normally short. Most companies know they have a small amount of time to capture the attention of their target audience. Because they don’t have a lot of time, many don’t want a long piece of content on their website or in their printed materials. Many experienced writers say the case studies they’ve written are as short as newsletters.

Case studies aren’t like most other copy work. It’s something that has an easy format to follow. There aren’t many variations that are used so it’s something writers won’t forget after the first one. Many people think that would be boring but it makes the life of a busy writer very easy. When it comes down to it, writers find their days of writing much more productive.

The Competition and Money

When it comes down to it, most freelance writers don’t want to dive into a market that is saturated with established writers. They don’t want to have to prove themselves to companies and small business owners that don’t know if they should hire someone else. With all the ease of writing case studies, most writers are surprised to find they don’t have a lot of competition.

Many writers do not write case studies. They assume these projects do not pay well and that it will take a lot of time. Because the income of most freelance writers depends on their ability to write a lot of content, they do not want to attach themselves to a piece of copy that will take days or weeks to write. With that bit of misunderstanding, most freelance copywriters avoid case studies, leaving an easy writing task mostly ignored.

Another bonus of writers ignoring this little bit of work is that the money is easy to make. Most writers of case studies are paid very well for their time. To say great case studies can be written in 20 minutes would be false. To say a great case study can be written over the course of 4-8 hours is actually true. Because these studies can be written in 1 day, most writers find themselves taking on multiple clients during the week and making a tidy profit.

With so many great things that come with writing case studies, it is surprising more freelance writers are not offering it to their clients. It can be scary writing the first one but with a bit of practice, writing case studies will come with profitable ease.

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