Buying Blog Posts is Genius

Buying blog posts may seem like a silly idea to some but to a busy person, it’s an idea straight from Heaven. During the course of the day, business owners are busy. They have to monitor sales, advertising and marketing, hire, fire and talk to customers. There are always fires that need to be put out and other things that need to be fired up and taken to another level. It is common knowledge that blogging increases a business’s online presence but who has time to sit and write posts daily? Not many business owners have that kind of time. Instead of losing momentum, business owners learn that buying blog posts can do more than save their online presence. Buying blog posts can increase their presence and chances for making money.

The idea of buying blog posts is so simple; most business owners do not believe it is possible to do. Many think prewritten blog posts will cost a lot of money or they will buy stuff that’s not of good quality. Both are possible but not likely. Any writer that has the courage to get online and sell anything prewritten has the skills to do it and know what they are talking about.

The Genius of It All

The thought of buying blog posts seems like a new thing. For some, it’s unheard of and unethical. It is none of that. Business owners and webmasters have been buying blog posts for decades! It seems new because there aren’t many ecommerce sites online loaded and ready to go with posts. Any webmaster or business owner that has hired a freelance writer or contracted a company to write content and placed that content online has used content they have not written. If business owners don’t think that is unethical, why do they think buying blog posts already written is?

Buying blog posts already written is a great idea. When it comes down to it, the benefits outweigh any negatives that may come to mind

  • Saves Time- Prewritten content is available immediately. If the blog posts are bought at 3:57AM, it is available and ready for use at 3:58AM. There is no reason to wonder if the content will be available to meet a deadline or if it’s a waste of effort. Instant gratification feels so much better than worrying about content delivery.
  • Saves Money- Freelance writers are NOT cheap. They often require a deposit, contract and have rules for what they will and won’t write. Buying blog posts prewritten and available for downloads are often cheaper than freelance writers and the cost of full time staff writers.
  • Builds Authority and Trust- Every website has a purpose and most share the same purpose: to make money. Most websites will not make money because they have not proven the company knows what they are talking about. They have not earned the trust of their audience. Consistently blogging and updating a website will build authority and trust. Buying blog posts will take care of those things for busy business owners.

Buying blog posts will keep a website from dying a slow and painful death. Buying blog posts will save the money a business owner has invested in their online sales tool.

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