Busy Business Owners Use Prewritten Content

prewritten content
Prewritten content helps business owners do what they love!

Business owners have things to do. Unless their business is a blogger, they don’t have time to write their own content. Instead, savvy business owners use quality prewritten content to keep their audience engaged and boost their business revenue.

The schedule of a business owner is a full one. There are products to buy or produce. There are services to render. Everything a business owner does is normally focused on extending their brand and increasing their revenues. When it comes to keeping their audience engaged, many struggle with writing their blog posts in a timely fashion. They struggled until they found that prewritten content works well!

Prewritten content is content that has been written by a ghostwriter and sold. Most business owners and new webmasters find this information by accident and are happy to keep their secret weapon to themselves. They are happy to buy the content they need for the week, review and upload it to their site so they can concentrate on their passion, their business. It is one of the smartest things any busy business owner can do for themselves.

Why Start a Blog if You’re Using Prewritten Content?

Most business owners start a blog to serve as an extension of their company. They know their audience is online at some point and they want to be available at all times. Most business owners use their website as a digital business card. The more exposure they get, the more chances they have of increasing their revenue.

As many business owners have found, being a webmaster doesn’t guarantee an audience. With so many businesses online, there has to be a reason for people to come to a specific site. Instead of just having a one-page website, most business owners have added blogs to their site so they can give some industry knowledge to their customers for free. This is a great way to establish themselves as an expert locally, in their industry and gain the trust of their target audience. Having a blog delivering all that to their audience is a cost effective way to increase any business’s revenue. The problem most business owners have is writing their own blog posts consistently!

Most people start their business because they are passionate about something. They are passionate about the products or services they sell and they should be. That passion doesn’t always lead to the ability to write an engaging or even comprehensive blog post. Not only do most business owners struggle with writing their own blog posts, most don’t have the time to do it. They have many other things they feel are more important than writing up to 14 blog posts each week. Instead, they have found that prewritten content gives them what they want to deliver to their customers while they focus on what they are passionate about.

Are the Benefits Worth the Money Spent for Prewritten Content?

Buying prewritten content has more benefits than most business owners realize. When a piece of content is written for sale, it is written in an evergreen manner. This means the topic of that blog will not expire nor will it ever be over discussed. Because these topics are mostly evergreen, business owners are happy they are posting something that is still relevant in their industry. With that in mind, the benefits of prewritten content include:

  • The ability to blog consistently without taking time away from other projects.
  • The ability to gain and retain authority in a competitive industry.
  • Staying on budget for content writing services.
  • Engaging target audiences consistently.
  • Increasing organic traffic from search engines (increasing the chances for revenue)
  • Help launching their business into a larger audience (decreasing marketing costs)

With so many significant reasons to buy prewritten content, most business owners don’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it!


Finding quality, affordable prewritten content can be hard. Instead of struggling to find the content you need, allow Content Crasher to give you what you need. Content Crasher provides quality, affordable prewritten content to those that want to get on with the business of doing business. Meet your goals by shopping for content at Content Crasher.

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