We’re In Business: Work Successfully with Your Partner

Some couples work well together and fail miserably when they go into business together. Avoid that fate with 3 tips!

Some couples do everything together. They shop together. They go out with the same friends together. And some days, they seem to dress alike and appear together. It is all very baffling to those that see this and hear the business they started together isn’t running as smoothly. How can a couple that does everything together not be able to work together successfully? Yes, it happens more often than people think.

For many couples, the idea of working together is a dream. Being able to make it happen is the result of a lot of late night talks, business meetings in pajamas on Saturday mornings and a lot of money saved. For the dream to crumble within a few months is devastating personally and professionally. Before the journey begins, every couple should have a talk. Yes, the talk has a purpose and can make a difference between saving a marriage and business or sudden death of a formerly happy life.

Talking Points for THE TALK

When it comes down to it, this conversation should be had over ice cream, cake or whatever couples enjoy together. It is a serious conversation but one that will provide a lot of valuable information.

Make a Statement of Expectations for Work and Home

There. It’s been said and nobody ran screaming from the room! This is where honesty counts and it counts for a lot. Everyone in a relationship has expectations and successful relationships belong to people that have talked about those expectations honestly. Everyone with a successful working or professional life has and have discussed their expectations.

Any couple dreaming of working together successfully should talk about what they expect their work life to be like. They should talk about what their home life will be like. Set boundaries and roles. Be clear. Be honest. Talk about work styles. Understand the differences in work styles and forgive any differences before they become obvious. This talk should build a foundation of trust and respect for differences.

Schedule Couple Time Regularly

When couples work together, it should be about the business. It is not the time to bring up a fight from last weekend or the fact that someone forgot a date with friends. Business is business and that takes a lot of time. Instead of losing the relationship to the business, couples need to schedule time to be just a couple.

When couples take time for themselves, they reconnect. They remember why they are together. They have time to talk about something other than the business. Couples need that time. They need that time to be the people they were before they started working together.

Get Some Alone Time Regularly

Successful couples take time away from each other. It is a natural thing that breathes life back into relationships. There is only so much togetherness anyone can take. When couples work together, they are together even more. Being together while working and doing couple stuff with no time for separation is one way to get tired and bored very quickly. Avoid it by doing things alone or with friends.

Everyone has separate interests. People like to do things without their partner being present. Couples should not be afraid to take some time to do things alone or pursue things alone. The little separation in life and business will keep life interesting and worth the fight of staying together.

Many things can be said for working couples. Couples that work together are often braver than most and living a dream that many do not understand. Instead of allowing the dream to die under a mountain of papers, couples should take the advice given and apply it liberally.


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