Breaking Traditions Internally: Adopting the Customer Coworker Attitude

customer coworker attitude
Adopting a customer coworker attitude can work miracles in the workplace.

Everyone that works for a company doesn’t interact with traditional customers. Without a customer coworker attitude, internal employees may not work as hard to help their coworkers. With a shift in attitudes and expectations, production and teamwork will soar into magical heights.

The customer coworker attitude is a new concept for many business owners. Most business owners have grown used to the traditional attitude of hiring people with customer service skills to service their customers directly. They have also grown used to hiring those with other desired skills to focus on internal responsibilities. While there is nothing wrong with that setup, it could be the reason great businesses are not growing the way business owners thought it would.

When a business owner decides to work for themselves, they have goals to meet and dreams to work towards. They imagine their company will be the best in the industry and will outperform their competitors. While that may be true in many ways, the traditional culture of their company may stop them from achieving those goals and dreams. Many small business owners fail because they don’t realize the importance of their internal customers. They fail because they place more importance on their external customers than internal customers.

The Slow Death of a Great Company

When a company is started, it was started to support another person, industry or business. Tractor manufacturers didn’t just start making tractors because they were pretty. They made them because farmers needed tools to mass produce food simply and easily. Because of this mindset, most business owners have trained themselves and their employees to treat their direct customers like their golden goose. It’s because they don’t want to lose their stream of revenue and fail at business. But what most business owners and employees didn’t think of was the importance of the people behind the scenes and actually working in their factory.

Unfortunately, some business owners think a benefits package and paycheck are the only reasons employees need to produce exceptional work. That may have been true in decades past but it doesn’t hold true in today’s business world. With the mentality that everyone working should be thankful just to have a job, the morale of many company’s drop and not every employee produces their best. They don’t even treat their coworkers with respect or dignity. This is often the end of a company with promising future.

Reviving a Dead Morale and Company into Sparkling Health

More industry leaders have seen this attitude invade companies and they are willing to try anything to prevent it. It is because of that need the customer coworker attitude flourished. A customer coworker attitude is very simple to understand but sometimes hard to implement.

The theory of the customer coworker attitude is for all coworkers to think of their fellow coworkers as their customers. A customer goes to an expert for help, just as coworkers do. Instead of dealing with traditional customers directly, employees will work to please internal customers and produce their best work. With this theory in mind, the quality of work will stay excellent consistently and everyone would be treated with respect and dignity.

Richard Branson, multi-billion-dollar mogul, has adopted this attitude and depends on it. He takes pride in making his employees happy because he knows the value that his employees provide to his customers. When the owner has that attitude, the company will have that attitude and follow their lead. By watching companies that have found success with a customer coworker attitude, many skeptical industry leaders have learned:

  • Satisfied and engaged employees call in less
  • Employees that feel respected work harder for their employer
  • More long term employees/ Less turnover
  • Better quality work is produced
  • Better customer service and products are presented to external customers

While it may seem like a coincidence, those that have dedicated their business culture to the satisfaction and engagement of their employees will argue differently.

With more millennials entering the workforce, more companies are turning towards this attitude. Most industry leaders are learning this audience wants more than a paycheck and a benefits package in return for their hard work and efforts. They want to be respected and valued for the work they provide. The only companies successfully able to provide that are companies with a customer coworker attitude, displayed from the top of the company to the bottom.

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