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I am a toddler wrangling, preteen counseling, multi-tasking writer. I love all things creative, time saving and fun. I enjoy warm cups of milk after a long day and my kids normally put me to sleep when discussing the latest cartoons and channel surfing.

4 Must Haves for Any Article

The 4 must haves for any article you decide to write is what we should talk about. A topic is obvious but beyond that, many writers are clueless. So, we’ll start at the beginning and talk about 4 must haves that can’t be ignored. The 4 must haves for any article being discussed tonight are important. With so many websites… Read more →

Tips for Success: Outsourcing Your Content Writing

These tips for success are crucial for your business. When you decided to outsource your content writing, you decided to take a huge gamble. Instead of losing, follow a few tips to win the content writing game! Most articles with tips for success are filled with a lot of things you already know to do. This article may be another… Read more →

Get Your Website Noticed ASAP

Yes, you must work to get your website noticed. Thousands of websites are created and hosted daily. All those websites are competing to be noticed by their audience. Don’t let your website to get lost. Follow a few steps to get your website noticed. You have put a lot of work and thought into your website. Money and time have… Read more →

Article Marketing: Solving Simple a Problem

Article marketing is not dead. It needs help and for some reason, people are afraid to do a little work to solve these problems. Instead of abandoning a great marketing practice, let’s solve these problems.   Article marketing, good or bad, is the reason you have thousands of search engine results when you get online. The words you type into… Read more →

Article Directory Submission: 3 Steps to Success

Yes, you have plenty to do but don’t forget to do these 3 things if you are using article directories to market and get backlinks! The digital world moves at a speed most people don’t understand but one thing remains the same. The need for content, good content, is still there and will forever be there. When people go online,… Read more →

Small Business Financing: 7 Sins to Avoid

Small business financing is a delicate thing. Small businesses don’t always have a lot of money and they certainly can’t afford to commit any of these 7 sins. Most entrepreneurs don’t think about small business financing when they are dreaming of their grand entrance into the business world. Most aren’t thinking about sustaining their business beyond a small amount of… Read more →

5 Lies about Writing: Don’t Believe the Hype

There are so many lies about writing, most natural writers are afraid to admit it is their dream job. Instead of allowing those lies to scare you away, dig a little deeper and find that it’s not as hard to do as you may imagine. When people begin talking about their careers, there are a lot of lies told. For… Read more →

Writing Successfully for Business: Use Your Words

The words you use, in writing or verbally, usually helps others form an opinion of you. When you are in business for yourself, your very business depends on your ability to learn how to write successfully. Writing successfully is something every business owner, entrepreneur and business professional needs to do. It is an essential part of owning a business and… Read more →

Writing for the Internet: Profitable Surprises

You should never dismiss writing for the internet. It’s a medium that is constantly expanding, leaving the path clear for profitable surprises. Every year businesses open by the thousands. Every year, businesses close by the thousands. Many business owners are surprised they have to close because they aren’t able to reach their audience in a way that translates to profits.… Read more →

An Ageless Business: Information Products Are Timeless

Information products are a great way to write the ticket to your destiny. What many people see as a bunch of words, savvy entrepreneurs and established business owners see opportunity. Savvy wordsmiths and business owners will use those words to live the life of their dreams. Information products is an ageless consumer demand. There are millions of people online every… Read more →