Article Directory Submission: 3 Steps to Success

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There are 3 things that must be done to get the most of your article directory submissions.

Yes, you have plenty to do but don’t forget to do these 3 things if you are using article directories to market and get backlinks!

The digital world moves at a speed most people don’t understand but one thing remains the same. The need for content, good content, is still there and will forever be there. When people go online, they want to be entertained, informed/educated or solve a problem. Anyone that has a website wants to fill that need. Webmasters want to get as many backlinks as possible and article directories are a great tool for that. When you are working with article directories, there are 3 things you need to do before submissions.

Thing 1: Distinguish the Differences with Writing Purpose and Directory Submission Purpose

That sounds really weird but it’s something that many webmasters do. Many webmasters don’t realize they are using an article directory for a reason that is separate from the reason they are creating the content. No, they are not interchangeable. No, they aren’t the same. If that is your thought on the topic, stop and reread the first paragraph of this article.

Content is created to entertain, inform/educate or solve a problem. If you are not addressing one of the 3 reasons people get online, you won’t have much of an audience or get much traffic. Even people that mindlessly go online are looking for something to entertain themselves. Those 3 reasons, entertainment, information/education or problem solving, are the reasons why you are creating your content.

The reason you are using that content for article directory submissions are completely different. You are submitting your content to article directories to get a benefit. That benefit is different for every webmaster. Some are using article directories to generate leads, promote their product or service or increase their online presence. Those are the most popular reasons for article directory submissions. If you thought submitting content to article directories would do something else, make sure you understand what an article directory does and rethink why you are doing all this work again.

With those differences understood, you will be able to create the best content for your niche and submit quality content to article directories. The better your content, the more trust you build and the more traffic you get.


Thing 2: Get More from Your Article Directory Submission

What do you want from your article directory submission? What do you want all this work to do for you? Those are the first questions you need to ask yourself before you try to get more from your submission.

When you know what you want from your article directory submission, make a plan. With that plan, you can adjust and tweak it to get more from the same work you’ve already done. A basic article directory submission will only get you backlinks to your site. That’s great if that is your only goal. But why would you stop there when there is so much more that can be done?!

Another thing article directory submissions can do for you is increase your search engine results. Yes, it does and no, I’m not joking. When you submit a quality article to an article directory for submission, it reviewed by search engine bots on that site for quality. With good quality articles coming from a reputable article submission directory, your reputation as a legit webmaster and content creator increases. Quality makes search engine bots happy and happy bots increases your search engine placement.

Not only should you create quality content for article directory submission, you should use keywords. That does not mean overdo it and create an illogical article. That means find an effective keyword and use it in the natural course of content. That will help bring traffic to that article, your site link and your obvious prowess! That’s what you want right?


Thing 3: Remember You Are Here for Your READERS!

A fatal mistake most novice writers and webmasters make is forgetting to create for their audience. It has happened and sank the career of many web writers faster than anything else. If you write for yourself, you will have the world’s smallest audience. If you write for others, you have a chance of growing your blog, brand and increasing loyalty.

When you are researching article directories, you have to write to their guidelines and expectations. You are using their directory to bring attention to your website. Yes, they are using you to get fresh content for their site but they can get anyone to do that. Article directories have set standards and expectations they have to adhere to. When you write with those expectations in mind and your audience in mind, you will find success in your submissions.

Most article directories have a specific audience they are writing for. Make sure your article is quality and written to attract the attention of that audience. That increases your chances of being accepted and increasing the number of legitimate backlinks to your site. The more you write for that article directory, the more experience you will have writing for that audience. The more experience you have, the better quality your content will become because you know what works and what doesn’t work with that audience.

With all that being said, you have to make sure you do 3 things before article directory submission. You should know the difference between your reason for article directory submission and the purpose of your content. It’s important to have to plan to get more from your article directory submission. Don’t forget that you need to write for your audience, not for yourself!

Article directory submissions can be tedious. It can be a lot of work but it is effective and lives for quite some time online. All it takes is quality content to be submitted to one article directory to increase your readership and income potential!


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