Article Marketing: Solving Simple a Problem

article marketing
Article marketing has a simple set of problems that can be easily solved.

Article marketing is not dead. It needs help and for some reason, people are afraid to do a little work to solve these problems. Instead of abandoning a great marketing practice, let’s solve these problems.


Article marketing, good or bad, is the reason you have thousands of search engine results when you get online. The words you type into the search engine are the words that search engine thinks match these results.

What is Article Marketing and Why Do I Care?

Article marketing happens when well written articles are created to give information about a topic related to the product being advertised. When you want to sell sunscreen, you write an article about skin cancer and the increasing diagnosis of it. If you want to sell dog toys, you may want to write an article about active dogs being happier dogs. With these articles, you are informing people why they need those products, the benefits of those products and building trust. With that trust, you are more likely to get the sale of those products.

Many of these articles have links to specific products that can be bought after being discussed. There are often pictures of the product and sometimes happy people using them. That is normal in article marketing and in today’s world, nothing less should be expected. It’s an effective way to market and sell a product with very few hiccups.

With the effectiveness of article marketing, it’s become a phenomenon that most people are now taking for granted. Initially, it was considered the only way to go and a lot of care was given to the articles they were producing. Advertisers relied on article marketing to push their products into the hands of their clients and accidental clients. Content and article writers were pushed to produce as many articles as they could and article submission directories were being filled with articles on a wide variety of products and services. That is when the problems surfaced.

The Problem of Article Marketing: Short and Simple

With people feeling forced into using article marketing as their primary source for traffic generation, the quality of articles fell. There were a lot of “writers” creating content filled with grammatical errors, incomplete thoughts, false information and many other things. The poor-quality content was so prevalent that it almost became the norm.

Not only did the pressure to create massive amounts of articles create inferior quality, it increased the chances of good articles being copied and used on another website. I ask that you let that sink in. Someone paid a writer or took the time to create a wonderful article and someone lacking integrity and professionalism just goes to their website and steals it to increase their chances at making money. That is a slap in the face and just a crappy thing to do. Unfortunately, those are the things that people felt pressured to do so they can continue promoting their businesses with article marketing.

Problem Solved for Article Marketing

There are a lot of things that can be suggested to wrap up this article. I could wax poetic and say don’t steal and check your article before you publish it. Yes, those things are true but let’s be honest. It’s not enough. To succeed with article marketing, you should be willing to:

Put your name or the name of the expert you consulted on it!

With so many people creating articles to promote products, it’s hard for readers to know who is giving them information and if they can trust you. If you are a business person with integrity and stand by what you are promoting, put your name on it! And if you feel that strongly to have an expert in the field create the article for you, put their name on it!

Hire a writer or buy the content from professionals.

Yes, I said it before and I will say it again: Everyone is not a writer. It’s not always easy to write for the internet and if you struggle with writing anything, don’t do it. It will only make your site look bad and ruin your credibility. Either hire a professional writer or buy the content you need to make you look good and improve your article marketing.

Don’t steal from someone else and don’t trust PLR to not be used elsewhere.

There are many ways to get great articles for content. Stealing a great article from someone else is never acceptable and it will not get your site better ranked than your competitor. Do not do it because it’s not worth it. If you must use PLR to get content, please know it’s been bought hundreds of times and someone is just copying and pasting the content right on their website. If you have to buy PLR, please invest the time it takes to rewrite and edit it.

There are a lot of things that can solve the problems that’ve come up with article marketing. The most important advice that can be given to anyone is to use quality articles. When people go to a website for information, they want quality information by someone that has their best interests in mind. If you remember to write quality content for your audience, your article marketing efforts will be very successful.

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