Affordable Content is a Valuable Tool

Everyone has a passion and my passion is to deliver affordable content to my customers. My passion is to work with businesses, small and large, delivering as much quality as I can at the most affordable price I can. There is nothing sinister about it. It is all about quality content, affordable content and great customer service.

As I have worked through the weekend and suffered through some inhumane heat, I have learned that people do appreciate affordable content. They do appreciate the hard work that goes into content creation. Most people are just weary and hesitant to take a chance on it.

My solution to that is to give some things away. I have nothing to hide. As you can tell from my blog posts, I know how to write. I create easy to read posts so I must know something about what I’m doing right? Of course I do.

The Delicious Freebies

Since people are weary and hesitant, I can do nothing but address it head on. Yes, some companies that feel their affordable content is priced properly at $75 per article. Yes, some companies say they will not sell the content again after it’s bought one time but they do anyway. That is all true and I can’t deny the smarmy business practices of others. I can only tell you what Content Crasher is about. Content Crasher will not sell our Tier 1 content packages after it has been sold one time. Content Crasher won’t try to gouge the prices and break content budgets. That is not what we are about. Content Crasher is about affordable content for everyone that needs it.

Because so many people are afraid to take a chance on the new kid, I am going to give some things away. Every week, every month, I intend on having a set number of pieces written and priced as free. This will allow everyone that’s interested to download a working piece of content and sample it for themselves. I don’t have anything to hide. I know that great content lies in the shop of Content Crasher.

Affordable Content is Valuable Content

There is no way to get around the need for content. Not everyone can create it. Not everyone can sell it. It is a tough nut to crack when working alone. With Content Crasher, there is no need to work alone. We are here to provide those that can’t write or create an affordable content option.

Content marketing has been one of the biggest weapons in the industry. It can be used in many forms and can give a company a sharp edge over the competition. Most online businesspeople can’t get away from some form of content marketing. That is why we are here. We want our customers to succeed. We can’t help them succeed by offering content of questionable duplicity for premium prices. We can’t help our customers succeed by selling sub-par content and arguing the opposite. That is not how we intend on making the internet a better place.

We intend on showing the world just how valuable affordable content is.

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