Why is Affordable Content a Sin?

As I go through the process of bringing my dream of affordable content to the masses, I am finding a pervasive thought and attitude very offensive. In the many years that I have been writing, I have learned to grow as a businessperson by listening, watching, reading and networking. Everyone I’ve worked with knows there is a huge need for content but most “professionals” feel that affordable content is a sin. I’ve been told repeatedly that a “true professional” wouldn’t create quality content and make it available for “pennies.” Well, that’s not true. I am professional. I write quality content. I also believe that affordable content should be accessible to anyone that wants it.

Why I Do It?

There is nothing like a feel good story. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like jumping into a soft bed and being cuddled by declawed kittens. I don’t really have one. I don’t have a fuzzy feel good story about why I believe affordable content should be readily available.

When I first started my journey as a content writer, I made very little money. I got the strangest topics and requirements that made NO sense to me. But I wrote. And I learned. And I wrote. I expanded my skillset and began to command more money. It felt good to be able to pay a month of rent from a single payment from one client, knowing I still have a full calendar of assignments left to do. I was caught up in the making money and learning but I forgot something. I forgot that I had a little son that needed me to be with him instead of in front of the computer, giggling and typing.

As I fielded requests to take on more work, I began to notice a common theme. I noticed that people complimented me on the quality of my work and the fact that my rates were so reasonable. I was constantly complimented about my quick and quality turn-around times. My workload was getting heavier and the money was great. However, I was not available for my son. Well, if it’s hard for me to make time to take my son to the park, cook a healthy meal and get a full 6 hours of sleep, I wondered how hard it was for someone to write content and hate it.

So, that’s where the idea came from. I figured someone should be able to go to a site and buy affordable content. I didn’t know or understand that some webmasters could be such snobs about the prices they pay for it.

The Results and My Response

I keep hearing the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” Yes, I agree with that in many things. No, the $2 gold chain bought at the corner store is not real gold. I’m sorry. I do not think that simple content should cost $60. I also do not believe that a single PLR article should cost $15-30. When it comes down to it, we are all on a budget and want to make money from our investments quickly.

While I understand businesses have expenses, I do not think someone should sacrifice their business dreams and goals because they do not have a huge budget for content. There are millions of people in the world that dream of starting a business. Thousands of those people start online and quickly learn just how much they need affordable content. I want to provide it. I want to provide affordable content to anyone that needs it. That’s it.

By offering prewritten and affordable content through Content Crasher, I am able to do my part to make the internet a much better place to do business and get information. It makes me angry when people insinuate affordable content is lacking or less authoritative. Affordable content is what helps dreams come true and keeps people in business. Affordable content is what I create and what I stand by. If you want to pay $60 for a general article about the history of crocheting, be my guest. However, affordable content will get you at least 7 articles and fill at least a week’s worth of blog posts.

Affordable content is not snobby or pretentious. Affordable content is great content for those that are stepping out on a breath and working their ASSES off to create a better life for themselves. That is just my opinion on affordable content.

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