About Us

The distance between affordable prices and quality content isn’t long. Since you’re on the site, you’re already where you want to be!

We at Content Crasher believe in providing quality content to busy webmasters and business owners at affordable prices. That’s all. That is our mission and contribution to the cyber world.

Quality content is something all webmasters want on their website. Most webmasters just want to find someone to create the content for their website and sell it to them at prices they can afford. They don’t want to negotiate or be trapped with a writer that increases their prices every time they need content. It’s not worth the headache and it’s not what they want to deal with. Content Crasher agrees with you. It’s not worth the headache nor is it something you should deal with constantly.

Instead, you should let us do the writing for you! Content Crasher is where quality content is created at affordable prices. We understand that all businesses and entrepreneurs have budgets. We understand that you have a million other things to do. We want to work within your budget to create the content you need for your website.

At Content Crasher, we create:

  • SEO based Content (word count varies)
  • Non-SEO based Content (word count varies)
  • Article Marketing Content (up to 300 words)
  • UAW Articles (word count varies)
  • Guest Posts
  • Ebooks
  • Blog Posts

If there is something you need and you want us to give it a try, reach out and let us know! You never know what we can do until you ask.

Let Content Crasher do the heavy typing for you and create quality content at an affordable price for you. We’re here at the corner of Quality Content and Affordable Prices!


Talk to you soon.