9 Tips for Better Business Writing

Better business writing leads to more people taking a company seriously and increased chances of earning revenue.

There is no denying that small business owners need to develop better business writing skills. While blogging is a great way to reach potential customers, sometimes a business letter is much better. When small business owners reach out via letter, it brings a concentrated mount of attention to their products and services. Business letters may seem old fashioned but they are effective in a way many novice business owners do not understand.

Business letters are effective because they force other business owners to take a moment to read the contents. Because most business owners read their mail before tossing it, they are getting information that could be ignored when given by email. With something so important, small business owners should take better business writing seriously because their revenue could depend on it.

Quick Tips to Better Business Writing

Better business writing is not hard. It is very easy to understand and do. All it takes is a little time and effort and small business owners can see their revenue consistently increase.

Better Business Writing Tip #1: One Page Limit

Small business owners are busy. Do not make them waste their time reading stuff they do not care about to get to what they want to know. Keep it short and simple. Do not send business owners letters longer than one page.

Better Business Writing Tip #2: Make Easy

Everyone is an expert in their industry and understands the lingo of that industry. Anyone writing a business letter should never expect their customers to understand the tech talk of YOUR business. When writing letters to potential customers, business owners should keep it simple and make it easy to read.

Better Business Writing Tip #3: Stay Respectful and Professional at All Times

There is never an excuse for profanity, rudeness or ignorance in business. It does not matter what the trends are. When it comes to business, respect and professionalism will take anyone further than trends ever will.

Better Business Writing Tip #4: Have a Point to the Letter

When writing a letter to someone, there should be a purpose. The purpose of a letter is to get the recipient to do something and that something should be clearly stated. Business letters are not an opportunity to chat and catch up. There is a point that should be made very quickly and simply.

Better Business Writing Tip #5: Logic is Wonderful

It is silly to say but it needs to be said: not all proposals are logical. Most small business owners do not have huge budgets so writing them to invest $2 million in a tool is NOT logical. Asking them to close their doors to attend a seminar with their entire staff is impossible. Sell something that is logical and useful.

Better Business Writing Tip #6: Timing is Critical

When business owners receive a letter, their decision will always have something to do with timing. Is investing or buying something going to hurt the plans they already have? Will this fit in with the plans they have? Timing is important so if the letter is tied to a particular time in their business life, make sure it is sent so they can benefit from it.

Better Business Writing Tip #7: Clean Delivery is Best

The main letter a business owner reads should be free of technical talk. It should be clear, concise and effective. If there is any other information they need to make a clear decision, it should be enclosed in the envelope.

Better Business Writing Tip #8: Inclusiveness is Best

Discrimination is never acceptable so do not use language that will discriminate against anyone. Using offensive language, innocently or not, can lead to horrible results and a reputation that no businessperson wants.

Better Business Writing Tip # 9: Clean it Up a Bit

Some words and phrases do not need to be used in business letters. Instead of printing the first draft, take the time to read and revise to eliminate those phrases and words. Your reader will thank you.

Better business writing is something all business owners should be concerned with. While it seems that everyone is online, doing business and making connections, it is not true. Many business owners appreciate letters and respond well to them. Better business writing may take a while to get used to but when done effectively, it is worth the effort.

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