7 Steps to Improving Your Time Management Skills

time management skills
Improving time management skills is not a waste of time.

Improving time management skills is one of the easiest things anyone can do with their time. The benefits that come with better time usage can lead to a lifestyle of one’s wildest dreams.

There is no magic pill to improve time management skills. That is the one thing most people on Earth want to do and can’t seem to grasp how to do it. Everyone wants to do more with the 24 hours they have in a day than they can logically do.

While there is no magic pill to give anyone superpowers, there are things that can be done. When it comes to improving time management skills, the options are limitless. Some people prefer to record everything in their cell phones and other electronics. Other people prefer to write their plans down in a journal or planner. Others choose not to use anything more than several alarms on their watches. No matter how you track time now, if you are still not satisfied, it’s time to adjust and improve.

7 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

  1. Accept the problem is there.

Thousands of people around the world don’t like admitting they have made mistakes. There are millions more that don’t think they make mistakes ever. For those that do know there is something wrong with their time management skills, admit it and move on.

Admitting the problem allows you to become open to solutions and changes. The first step is the easiest step.

  1. Decide what needs to change.

Once you know there is a problem, decide what you are doing that you need to change. If you are constantly forgetting what all your alarms are for, it may be time to buy a planner. If you never have a pen to write in your planner, it may be time to use electronics. If you don’t like dealing with the details, hire someone to do it.

  1. Write down your goals.

In this day and age, distractions don’t stop at the office door. With so many distractions, it is easy to forget about what you are doing and why you are working so hard. Instead of getting lost, it’s time to write those goals down. Writing down goals will help you focus and remember what you are doing and why.

  1. Make sure your task list matches your goals.

It’s very easy to do stuff just to look busy. It is easy to do stuff just because you think it needs to be done. Even if that stuff isn’t your responsibility. Stop it. Instead of wasting your time doing that, it’s time to make a task list that matches your goal. That will keep you on track to accomplish your goals and meet any deadlines.

  1. Give yourself permission to use tools that work for you.

Nobody is perfect and there is no reason you should pretend to be. There is no reason you can’t automate as much as possible and use other tools that will take your mind off as much as possible. For some strange reason, many think they are a failure if they need to use tools to stay organized and improve their time management skills. That is not true. Knowing that you need help and finding the right tools is the smartest thing you can do.

  1. Just say no. And mean it!

Nobody really wants to do it all. That’s why everyone has that one friend they run to and ask countless favors of. If you are that friend, it’s time to say no and carry on as if there is nothing to think about. When you make room in your schedule to do stuff for other people, you leave less room to do things you need to do. To improve your time management skills, you need time to attend to your business.

  1. Organization is your new best friend.

How frustrating is it when you need to write something down and can’t find the right notebook? How frustrated do you get when you are looking for a particular file and can’t find it until you are late for your meeting? That is what needs to end. You have to become a better organized person if you are going to become better with managing your time.

The 45 minutes you spend looking for your wallet, files, phone and other shoe is 45 minutes you could have spent increasing your income.

Time management is something that most people can improve. What everyone needs to improve is as different as each individual. What everyone understands is that improved time management skills will improve their quality of life, in and out of business.

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