5 Reasons Why Time Management is Really Important to Master

Time management is a phrase that’s been thrown around for decades. Most people do not realize why it is important until they have made a lot of mistakes. There are really only 5 things people should remember when it comes to mastering their time.

time management
Time management is important to anyone that wants a good life.

Time management has been the focus of millions of meetings, professionally and personally. Every day more people admit they have a problem with getting things done. They admit they do not have a system in place to keep them organized. For the rest, they don’t understand why time management is so important. Most feel that as long as they get the things they want to do accomplished, there is no problem.

But there is. Many times, a task will effect more than one person. If that task is not being done in a timely manner, it is effecting the way others are doing their jobs and handling their responsibilities. That is a huge problem for others and it immediately becomes a problem for anyone that doesn’t think their time management skills need to be improved upon. For those that don’t understand just how serious it is, there are 5 reasons to bring the point home.

Habit Shattering Reasons to Learn Time Management Skills

Everyone gets set in their ways and it feels good. Doing things when the whim hits feels good and often gives people a feeling of control over their day. The fact is this: if someone is depending on something getting done, the day doesn’t belong to anyone. The day belongs to what needs to get done.

Reason #5: There is no reason not to learn!

Today’s society is full of choices. There are many different tools available for anyone to use to learn time management skills. For those that need to write things down, Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner is one place to write things down. For those that need a more professional look, the Erin Condren LifePlanner or a Franklin Covey planner works very well. Each of these planners give users a way to make it their own and keep track of plans, goals and appointments by the day, week and month. Pick a planner and go!

Reason #4: Yes, professional lives are directly effected!

When things are done in a timely fashion, there seems to be more time to enjoy life. Picture this: An important work project needs to be done before leaving on Friday afternoon for a long weekend sailing with the family. The project is large and should have been done in 3 phases. But because time was wasted and nobody on the team started the project last week, everyone is stuck late in the office, scrambling to get it finished. That is life without time management. Instead of being out for a long weekend that should have started at 5 pm, an entire team is stuck at work, stressed and scrambling.

Just think of what the boss has to say about this!

Reason #3: Obviously, personal lives are directly effected.

In that same scene, what if at home an ill grandparent were waiting to see their loved one. There is no way to duck out early from work. The project needs to be done and all parts of it are critical. Instead of seeing the family, who based the entire sailing trip around a normal work schedule, someone is stuck at work. This is how no time management effects a family when slackers aren’t around.

Just think of what parents around the world say when this happens!

Reason #2: It’s easy to learn!

Millions of people think learning time management skills is hard. It’s not. Learning how to manage the time one has to do anything is not hard. It takes determination and accountability but it is not hard to do. Some quick and common sense tips include:

  • Use a planner/organizer
  • Know the deadlines
  • Learn to say no to unnecessary tasks
  • Prioritize
  • Create a daily plan
  • Delegate

With those quick tips as a starting guide, there is no reason not to be using time management skills in personal and professional environments.

Reason #1: The benefits are HUGE!

With everything that’s been said already, it’s obvious that the benefits of using time management skills are more than one can count. These benefits could include promotions and increased income from work. Everyone that uses these skills wisely find they are able to lead a more fulfilling personal life as well as accomplish their professional dreams.

Time management isn’t a myth. Those that are determined to succeed in life, personally and professionally know that good time management skills are a way of life!

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