The 4 Common Grammar Mistakes Driving People AWAY from Your Business

Don’t Let These Grammar Mistakes Cost You Money!

Having common grammar mistakes on a website will drive people away and give business owners a horrible reputation. It is not hard to understand. It is not something people want to admit to but it is still true. When someone goes to a website, they expect to find a person that can create a properly structured sentence with words spelled correctly. When people find a website with common grammar mistakes, they are not likely to buy from that site or listen to them as an authority!

In today’s world, texting and shorthand are the way people communicate. While that is a great thing for personal conversations, it is not appropriate for business. Yes, it is true. LOL wyd is NOT the way to start a conversation about business. Instead of allowing habit to drive business away, look for these 4 common grammar mistakes.

Common Grammar Mistakes Driving Business Away

When people have these 4 common grammar mistakes on their site, they lose their credibility. Who wants to buy from someone that has not taken the time to proofread their sales pitch?

Your and You’re are NOT the Same

Your is a possessive pronoun that should be used as a possessive pronoun. You’re is a contraction combining you and are. See the difference in those words?

Ex: Your skirt is too short for the office.

Ex: You’re too sick to go in to work today.

Don’t Get Stuck with It’s and Its

This mistake is common and many people are confused about it. Just because it is a common mistake to make does not mean that it is an acceptable one.

It’s is a contraction for it is or it has. Its shows possession. Yes, they look similar but they have completely different meanings.

Ex: It’s a beautiful day to fly a kite.

Ex: A bee will die when it loses its stinger.

There, Their and They’re

Proceed with caution. Do not let confusion reign with these three words. There indicates a place and their indicates possession. The contraction for they are is they’re.

Ex: There is a pot of gold!

Ex: Their dog is the cutest dog in the neighborhood.

Ex: They’re going to meet us for lunch tomorrow.

Affect or Effect? That is a Great Question

Both are verbs and both sound similar. It is very easy to misuse them but people should never think it’s okay to think it’s okay to do so. Affect means to produce a change and effect means a change has happened.

Ex: How does the weather affect your plans?

Ex: The effect on my plans was devastating.

To sum it up, grammar is not a game. It is serious business when money is involved. In order to inspire confidence in buyers, it is important to create content that is easy to read and free from grammar mistakes. Business owners need to make sure their blogs are free from spelling errors and common grammar mistakes.

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