3 Things to Help with Time Management

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Time management is saved by a planner.

Time management is something most people struggle with. For those that need to get their time management skills back in order, these 3 tools can get you back on track quickly.

People that struggle with time management issues always wonder where the time has flown. They often say they don’t have enough time to do something important in one area of their life but always find themselves doing random things online. It’s something that is often noticed by those that are being ignored but not by those that have time management issues. With those things in mind, it’s time to pull 3 old school tools from the tool box and work on those skills.

Time management is something that millions of people struggle with. It’s not something that is taught explicitly in school or at home. It’s something that most people learn how to do as they navigate their way through life. Because it’s not something taught, most people fail to successfully manage their time until they are in a bad situation.

3 Reasons to Write It Down

Technology is a great thing but there are times that call for a little pen and paper. It may seem old school to many but it’s effective for a reason. Science has found that the act of physically writing things down helps people retain the information they are writing down. That’s great! Many also say the art of writing things down leads to:

Critical Thinking- This can stop people from doing what they don’t want to do. It makes it harder to commit to time filling activities instead of those that are really important. How many meetings with the accountant can you really miss without getting into trouble?

Feelings of Success and Achievement– After writing things down and getting them done, there really is a sense of accomplishment that is undeniable.

Greater Levels of Commitment- There is something about writing down a commitment that makes it hard to break. Maybe it’s the desire to continually accomplish tasks or the attachment to the event that increases the amount of commitment that goes to written tasks. People are more likely to follow through with a task or appointment when it’s written by hand.

3 Dusty Tools for Time Management Success

When it comes to time management, writing it down is critical but there are specific places to actually do that and stay organized.

Time Monitor Journal- It seems silly but it’s true. This is a little journal that will tell anyone where they are wasting their time and what they are doing. The entries don’t have to be long. They don’t have to be very detailed but they must list where or what is being done and the times started and stopped.

Why: People that struggle with time management often don’t realize just how much time they have to do things that are important to them because they fill their time with small things. Writing those things down for a week and reviewing them will force people to look at their habits and what those few minutes of checking emails really cost.

Planner- It doesn’t matter if the planner is a student planner from the local discount store or a Franklin Covey planner complete with coding system. Getting and maintaining a planner is what is important. Having a planner will help everyone manage busy schedules and commit to what is important to them. Many of the most successful people in the world started their journey to success with a planner and still carry one to maintain their level of success.

Why: A planner is a guidebook of what has to be accomplished each day. It is a record of the steps that are necessary to meet certain goals and commitments. Remember, most people that write things down are more committed to seeing the task through till the end.

Project Planner- Yes, it seems silly to have a planner set aside for projects but it’s really not. A project planner is set up to make even the largest tasks more manageable and less time consuming. Time management skills are tested when a large project is on the table because there are a lot of things that have to be done in order for it to be successful. Instead of just leaving a lot of details to fate, writing it down in a project planner will help.

Why: When things are written down, they can be made more manageable and easier to delegate and get done.

There are a lot of tools available to help with time management but these 3 tools have stood the test of time. When it comes to learning time management, writing things down has not failed to reveal the truth.

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