3 Blogging Platforms to Think About

When people decide to start a website or blog, it is not an easy decision. The biggest part of the decision comes from picking from the many blogging platforms available.

The choice of blogging platforms depends on the purpose of the website or blog. This is an important thing for people to decide before they get started because it will effect how their website performs. All blogging platforms have features that work well in different ways. Choosing the wrong blogging platform can lead to a host of problems nobody wants when trying something new online.

Deciding the Purpose

Millions of people say they want a website every year. They do not really know the reason they want one other than it being a popular thing to do. Serious people know what they want to do with their site or blog. Before buying a domain, shopping for hosting or thinking about blogging platforms, now is the time to decide what the purpose of that website will be.

Some people use their website as a business card. Others want an e-commerce store to sell their products and services. With those purposes, it is hard to imagine another purpose for a website but there are. Some people just choose to start a website because they want to journal, give information or entertain.

The reason it is very important for people to know what they will be using their website for is the features of the blogging platform they choose. Not all blogging platforms work well for all purposes.

The 3 to Choose From

All blogging platforms are different and work very well when used properly. No matter what is picked, people should think about their purpose before deciding.


B2Evolution is a free blogging platform that many people enjoy using. It is a popular blogging platform because they can produce multiple blogs at one time. The ability to have multiple blogs on one site is very important to someone that operates a community website that allows different people to post their own blogs.

It is a blogging platform that is easy to install and set up. Creating multiple blogs on one platform is not a problem with B2Evolution.


Medium is one of the blogging platforms that add a social experience into writing. This medium is perfect for those that want to blog with a purpose. Most people that blog for a purpose want to get information to the masses or entertain. These bloggers enjoy the social interaction of a huge audience and wants to be heard.

Because Medium has a built in audience, it is not something that can or has to be downloaded onto a private domain. All uses have to do is create an account and start their blogging adventures.


This is one of the most popular platforms of all the blogging platforms. WordPress operates a little more than 20% of all the websites in operation today. This platform is flexible in ways that other platforms are not.

WordPress is used for business and personal websites. Themes are available to change the look of the website and create different kinds of blogs. This platform is different from others because it can be used 2 ways: with an independent website or on the WordPress blogging platform (provided hosting).

With choices like this, many people struggle to find the right blogging platform for their purpose. Before settling down with one platform, people should think of how they will use their website and blog. Sometimes simple is what is needed and other purposes needing a bit more. No matter what the purpose, one of the many blogging platforms is perfect.

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