Month: August 2016

5 Ways to Start Internet Marketing without Sweating

As business owners think about the need to start internet marketing, they often look at the computer as if it’s a demonic being. Most don’t know what internet marketing means or how to do it. Instead of panicking, get started in 5 easy ways.   The need to start internet marketing often comes to business owners after they’ve invested in… Read more →

Info Products in a Nutshell: Find Your Niche, Make Dreams Happen

Info products are tricky creatures. The number of niches you can go into is endless but success can come with one! Let’s explore what it takes to find info product success.   Info products are extremely popular when it comes to finding a way to become your own boss. With that in mind, everyone has a product to sell or… Read more →

A Note from Ms. Kim

Hey ya’ll! I hope you all have enjoyed the topics I’ve blogged about so far. I wanted to drop y’all a note to let you know about the things going on with Content Crasher and what’s next.   I created this marketplace as a safe place to buy content when you don’t have time to write it yourself (or you… Read more →

5 Reasons Why Time Management is Really Important to Master

Time management is a phrase that’s been thrown around for decades. Most people do not realize why it is important until they have made a lot of mistakes. There are really only 5 things people should remember when it comes to mastering their time. Time management has been the focus of millions of meetings, professionally and personally. Every day more… Read more →

Bloggers with Little to No Time Love Video Blogging

Everybody has something to say and video blogging makes it so much easier to say it. Not everyone has time to sit in front of a laptop or PC to type. Your audience doesn’t always have time to read either. Get the message out with a video and find even more success. Video blogging is taking over the world! Once… Read more →

7 Steps to Improving Your Time Management Skills

Improving time management skills is one of the easiest things anyone can do with their time. The benefits that come with better time usage can lead to a lifestyle of one’s wildest dreams. There is no magic pill to improve time management skills. That is the one thing most people on Earth want to do and can’t seem to grasp… Read more →

Busy Business Owners Use Prewritten Content

Business owners have things to do. Unless their business is a blogger, they don’t have time to write their own content. Instead, savvy business owners use quality prewritten content to keep their audience engaged and boost their business revenue. The schedule of a business owner is a full one. There are products to buy or produce. There are services to… Read more →

Don’t Just Blog: Find Your Blogging Purpose

Everyone that blogs have not figured out their blogging purpose. To find success in a saturated market, it is best to find your blogging purpose and follow it! The internet changed the world and the way people discover new things. For millions of people, blogging became a way to connect with and explore other cultures. With a tool as powerful… Read more →