Month: July 2016

3 Things to Help with Time Management

Time management is something most people struggle with. For those that need to get their time management skills back in order, these 3 tools can get you back on track quickly. People that struggle with time management issues always wonder where the time has flown. They often say they don’t have enough time to do something important in one area… Read more →

What to Do to Get the Perfect Title

Getting the perfect title means a lot when writing online. Some people struggle while others do it naturally. To help those that struggle, here’s a list of stuff to do to get it right without being embarrassed. The idea of writing seems so romantic. After getting comfortable, the struggle for some begins when trying to come up with the perfect… Read more →

Breaking Traditions Internally: Adopting the Customer Coworker Attitude

Everyone that works for a company doesn’t interact with traditional customers. Without a customer coworker attitude, internal employees may not work as hard to help their coworkers. With a shift in attitudes and expectations, production and teamwork will soar into magical heights. The customer coworker attitude is a new concept for many business owners. Most business owners have grown used to… Read more →