Month: June 2016

Bookkeeping Options for Online Business Owners

Bookkeeping options in a world of new business owners is about as interesting to most as watching paint dry. But the right bookkeeping option will bring financial freedom and lessen the chances of run-ins with the IRS. The honest truth is this: Looking at multiple bookkeeping options is boring and tedious. Most new business owners just want to get on… Read more →

Online Bookkeeping: The New Best Friend

Online bookkeeping services have become the new best friend of many small business owners. It’s the tool that entrepreneurs aren’t too sure about but they will be when they look at the advantages that come with it. When it comes to running a business, entrepreneurs and small business owners have enough to do. As they think about their accounting programs,… Read more →

Video Blogging May Work Wonders for Businesses

Most business owners are groaning at the idea of video blogging. They just got the hang of keeping their business blog updated. Now most are wondering why they have to look into video blogging as well. Video blogging or vlogging is a tool that many business owners are ignoring. They are ignoring it for many reasons and some of those… Read more →

Speak Up for Autism

Autism is an illness that affects more than 1 million people. Instead of hiding from the devastating issues resulting from it, it’s time to speak up for autism! Temple Grandin Daryl Hannah Dan Aykroyd Toni Braxton Holly Robinson Peete   Most people are surprised to find these celebrities have been diagnosed with autism or has a child with autism. Over… Read more →

The Reality of Blog Marketing

So many people start a blog with the best of intentions and stop after 3 months. The fact is blog marketing is not for the faint of heart and it’s not for those that want instant fame and money. When it comes down to it, blog marketing is not for the faint of heart, lazy or anyone that’s pressed for… Read more →

Get Right and Get Energized

If you struggle to keep your eyes open at some part of the day, it’s time to look at your life and get right. There are some things that can bring you an abundance of energy through any day. Have you ever gone out to run errands and come home absolutely exhausted? Have you ever had to pleasure of working… Read more →

Get a Hobby Mommy!

If you don’t want to become the lunatic mom everyone talks really badly about, get a hobby and get on with the business of living. Getting a hobby should be one of the first things that mommies should get. No, the baby and kids are not hobbies. They are the source of endless laughter and creators of wonderful memories but… Read more →

Experts Only: Owning and Maintaining a Consulting Agency

Everybody is an expert in something. When the itch to own a business and be the boss is too much to bear, it may be time to start and maintain a consulting agency. Millions of people think about becoming their own boss every day. Many of them only think of being able to work when they want while others think… Read more →

The Best Tips to Stay on Top: Time Management Tools for Success

Lack of time management is one of the reasons most people fail to excel in their career and small business efforts. When you improve your time management skills, you will find the path to success much easier to climb. Time management is something that most people fail to conquer. Lack of time management skill is one of the reasons most… Read more →

Small Changes, Huge Impact: 3 Benefits for Making Small Changes

Making big changes at one time can lead to disaster. Small changes made over time will often lead to huge and more sustainable impacts. As time goes on, changes need to be made for any business to continue to be successful. There is no way to avoid change in a business world full of change. What I have learned this… Read more →