Content Crasher Welcome

Welcome to Content Crasher!

We write. You need. We write. You buy! That’s just what we do at Content Crasher. It’s just that simple.


There are hundreds of people that need content. There are thousands of wonderful ideas for websites born every day but after doing the research, most people kill their dreams because they don’t have time to write and churn out ideas for content. Some people kill their website dreams because they have worked with a writer that screwed them out of money or didn’t give them what they wanted after paying a pretty penny for the content. Well, those days are done and a new one is here.


Content Crasher is a site that has content of all kinds available for immediate purchase. It’s quality content that fits the needs of most webmasters, small business owners and entrepreneurs and can be used in many different areas for different purposes. For those that want to buy, tweak and use, please feel free. Those that want to buy and use as is, go right ahead. Content that’s supposed to be original and one of a kind will remain that way. Content that is supposed to be used and sold multiple times will be sold and used multiple times. Everything is clearly written so buyers know what they are getting.


Content Crasher offers a simple solution to those that want to make their dreams of website ownership come true. We know content is king and good content is hard to come by without paying extremely crazy prices.


We write. You need. We write. You buy! It’s just that simple.